Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wedding ... wedding day coordinator

the very best thing Jacquelyn and I did for this wedding was
to ask my sister Vickie to be our wedding day coordinator

I'm not sure we could have pulled it off without her
Vickie is my older sister (by only 17 months)
and she's always liked being in know, of us kids! haha

so I just knew that if she was in charge of the day, everything would come together
just as Jacquelyn and Bucky envisioned

One thing Jacquelyn worried about was how could someone pull off what she saw in her head as her wedding.
I assured her we would explain all details to Vickie

So in addition to Vickie being at all of our DIY days, we also had a
sit down a week before the wedding
it was during this meeting that Jacquelyn went through their wedding, step by step
we covered every aspect of each step and Vickie had tons of questions

But this is how we knew that Vickie would see Jacquelyn's vision
and she did!

It brought tears to my sisters eyes when at the reception
Jacquelyn told her Aunt Vickie "You saw my vision"
just look at her at the top of the steps during rehearsal....with her notebook
she was born to do this stuff!!

and here's my beautiful sister Vickie and her wonderful husband Scott

And she really knew how to take charge......she put Scott to work right away
he set up the beach along with help from Aaron Williams, one the bridesmaids boyfriends
they hung the lanterns and really, I don't know what else they did....
but I know they were a huge help to Vickie
so to all of you....THANK YOU!!!

wedding tip.....get someone, family member, hire someone....just get someone to take charge of the day. We did not hire a wedding planner as Jacquelyn and I wanted to do all of that, plus we had other places to spend our money. But DO have someone in charge of the day!!
especially for the bride and mother of the's a day to enjoy and relax not to be stressing over hanging lanterns and where flowers go!


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