Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wedding ... budget

this is the worst part of the planning!
But you have to do it......and you have to do it as the very first step!

this is how Jacquelyn, Johnny and I approached it

Johnny and I talked with Jacquelyn and Bucky about the kind of wedding they wanted
then I did a little research around each component of the wedding
trying to come up with what I thought the dollar amount would be
we then listed it all by line item and presented it to Johnny

he was shocked, he recovered...then he was cool ....and in the end, he wanted Jacquelyn
and Bucky to have the wedding of their dreams.

We tried very hard to stick with that budget.
for example, say we had budgeted $500 for something and the actual cost
was going to be $800
then we tried to take $300 from somewhere else.....or instead of buying something
pre-made, we made it ourself.
We were constantly doing trade offs.
As I have said in previous post, choose where to spend the big money
We ended up doing a lot of DIY stuff
we had 2 DIY days set aside with the bridal party and some family
these days were fun, productive and I wished we could still have them!! haha

wedding tip for today.......the secret that no one will tell you
But I will
take your budget total
cut it in half
take that half amount and add it to your budget total
and that my friend...is what you will spend!!

and I have no pictures for this post.......well, guess I could have posted
a picture of Johnny's empty wallet! ha!


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