Thursday, August 30, 2007

End of summer..........

One of the great things about living in the grand ole state of Virginia is that you get to experience all four seasons. And now we are starting to wind down for the summer......fall is just around the corner. When I take the doggies out at night I can now feel that little bit of crispness in the air. I love the fall of the year.........leaves changing and falling, pumpkins and apples, mums and the best part of all...............FOOTBALL!! yippee.........starts next week and I can't wait. I love to do a bunch of cooking on Sunday and watch football all day long!! here's some pics of the things I will miss about summer............the beach, your feet in the sand, fresh veggies, fresh fruit pies. It's been a good summer but it's not quite over. Not yet time to put away the summer clothes (oh but of course, the white pants are done) I'm sure we still have another month of warm weather left.

Friday, August 24, 2007

the love of our life.........

just a few cute pics of Maddox.........


I can't believe that I haven't posted since the 15th!

We came back from the beach on Monday and I've been super busy since. Then I was out of the office all day on Thursday for a team fun event........which was indeed fun! We went rafting down the Shenandoah River in Luray, VA. No pictures though......I was afraid I might mess up my camera.

But.....about the Crocs.....which I have thought were very ugly shoes! And I have always thought that I would never buy these ugly shoes. But I needed some shoes to wear white water rafting so I thought if I buy the Crocs I can wear them in the river, versus ruining my tennis shoes, wich I have done before, then use them when I work in my flower garden. You know, just hose them off....right? And it's not like I would be seen out in public in them. (and my sincere apologies to anyone who does wear them in public....if it's your thing, then great and you probably look cute, it's just not my thing........and that is my disclaimer so that no one needs to send me anything hateful about the beautiful people who wear Crocs)

So I will tell you, yes, they may be ugly but dayum.......they are comfortable! I tried them on in the store and I guess was all caught up in that Croc fever and was all like oh yeah......these are cool....look how cute! (to which Johnny said no, they are not cute) And it didn't help that this lady about my age was also trying them on (she came in wearing some) and she was all like oh yeah, you should see all of the little attachments. (she had the Croc fever bad) So I ended u p buying the brown "Mary Jane" style and still with the Croc fever, thinking these are great if I need to run out to the store or something........gets me to thinking all of the different colors I can buy. When we left the store, I'm not sure what happened, maybe it was the hot, humid Virginia air hitting me smack in the face but it caused me to come out of my Croc fever and I told Johnny boy.........if you ever see me leaving the house with these shoes on, please slap my face!


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Woo hoo.....

It's a woo hoo kind of day........

  • new refrigerator came and it's NOT a Maytag......take that you lonely repair man!!

  • still getting lots of fresh food from Lynne's garden. Jacquelyn was a sweetie and picked all of this for us and even washed it all up!

  • leaving for the beach around 5:00 today.......and won't be back until Monday!

Life is good..........later

25 Things that have all but vanished…………….with my comments

1 Indoor smoking..........I guess that's a good thing!
2 Service stations....Now here is the reason I do not pump gas!
3 The Soviet threat....let's hope
4 Typewriters....Good grief…….remember when the new ones came out with "back up" correction tape……and we thought that was so cool…..haha
5 Vinyl records....I still have mine!
6 New Coke..I'm a Pepsi person so this one didn't matter to me
7 Carbon paper....Man……I used to come home with my finger tips black from this stuff…..glad this one is gone!
8 Betamax.....we still have lots of these because Johnny boy won't throw them out……and I don't think anyone has a working betamax!!
9 Phone booths...and I could add penny loafers that my dad put a dime in ours so we could always call home
10 Leaded gasoline...I wouldn't know about this (see number 2)
11 Rotary dial phones...oh yes, my mom still has one!
12 Videos on MTV...I miss this one…great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, watching music videos!
13 Baltimore Colts....I still call the Ind Colts the Baltimore colts!
14 Oldsmobiles ...Johnny boy and I had a big ole Oldsmobile…….black with red interior……smooth ride!
15 Civility ...main problem with the world today!
16 'American Bandstand' .....My sister and I would hurry up and get our Saturday jobs done so we could dance with American Bandstand….it was great!
17 Beverage pull tabs...huh? I thought they were still around
18 West African black rhino ...didn't know…….
19 Hand-crank car windows ...Johnny boy's truck still has em!
20 Home run kings ....Johnny boy says this one all of the time and BBonds doesn't count!
21 Hair bands ...ya had to love all of the shag haircuts from the bands in the 80's but I guess it's good that phase is over
22 The afternoon newspaper ....Now here's one I still cannot get over and I still miss!
23 Transistor radios ...don't miss this one…..all of that static noise
24 Michael Jackson ....who cares
25 Checker cabs ....another who cares…….I grew up in the suburbs!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

What a mess....

I'm being brave and posting a picture of my dining room table where I am currently working on some scrapbooking pages. One of the blogs I love to read....absoutleypaula.blogspot, thinks her space looks bad and tagged everyone to post a pic of their space. Well, my only space to work is my dining room table and it's an awful mess right now. but oh what fun I have!

Here are the facts........

about the man I love.........
1. He is the funniest person I know
2. He is extremely strong
3. He hates arguements and will avoid them at all cost
4. He is a wonderful husband and father
5. He is loyal and has the biggest heart
6. He can fall asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow
7. He can fall asleep as soon as he lies down on the sofa
8. He loves ice cream
9. He loves beer
10.He works harder than any person I have ever met
11.He loves his sisters
12.He loves to run errands
13.He doesn't care much for clothes shopping though
14.He loves the beach
15.He loves to play pool
16.He loves the Caesar salad at the Outback restaurant
17.He loves Lowes, Home Depot, Best Buy and Circuit City
18.He loves music
19.He loves to play spider solitaire on the computer
20.He likes to wear t-shirts and jeans
21.He loves his children and worries about them as much as I do
22.He's my best friend

Saturday, August 4, 2007

As Johnny said......

Last night, Johnny boy and I attended the Braves game.......they won, beat the Ind Indians. (talking Richmond Braves, not Atlanta) It was interesting at the game people watching. Johnny and I both enjoyed watching the range of people. As Johnny said.......there are people here from babies to 90 yrs old, baseball is great!

Bought the new refrigerator....ya gotta love "no tax weekend". As Johnny said, there's nothing like spending $2,000 to save $100!!

I attached those pics just because they look neat. Small and inexpensive but bring me so much happiness! also, pretty flowers we picked up tonight while running errands.

No tax weekend continues tomorrow so I might have to hit up a few of my favorite stores!


Thursday, August 2, 2007

I was strong at Lowes.......

we have to buy a new refrigerator! Which really sucks because the "top of the line" that we have is only 5 1/2 years old. But we have had it repaired 4 times and now, it is broken again! I won't name the brand but believe me on this one....the "lonely" repairman was not really lonely......he has been hangin at our house quite often.
So here's the thing.....when we go to buy something big, I am sensible and realize that we do not need all of the bells and whistles. Johnny on the other hand is fascinated, possibly in love, with all of the bells and whistles. I always know that I need to be the strong one but then when I see all of the nice shiney appliances, I fail. I fail and let Johnny get the "top of the line". But tonight......I was strong! Yes.....when Johnny said hey, look at this one, it's $1998. I was like noooo, look at this's pretty much the same and it's only $1298. And then he was all like about this's nice and it's $2498. WOW, WHY is it so much more!! I say.....for fools like you Johnny. Let's look at these, they are $1498. I stayed strong and we narrowed it down to 2.....which we want to check consumer reports that really does any good. And I guess we'll go back this weekend and make the purchase. We have a Braves game tomorrow night so it will need to wait.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

It's been a week..........

can't believe I couldn't find the time over the weekend to post something. I didn't even get a chance to read my favorite blogs plus I have about 30 to add to my page.
I did read a few yesterday and taking from one of my favorites, here's my list of what I'm lovin right now.....

1. my new recipe box
2. new stuff from scrapbooking store
3. no more mouse in the house
4. weekend freedom
5. sleeping in on the weekends
6. my “ideas” notebook
7. cooking on the grill
8. fresh strawberries
9. all the kids coming over for dinner on Sunday’s
10. my new pocketbook