Thursday, March 27, 2014

March and my birthday ....

here's my March chalkboard

and check out our cute little grandson John Thomas!
he looks just like our daughter with those great big eyes!
and a cute picture of Jacquelyn right before they were
going out for the afternoon. And lucky me got to keep Declan!
what a sweet little family.
the picture I took before this Declan was looking at his mommy
then he reached around so that he could put his arm around her
oh know my heart melted

and then I had my birthday weekend.
it started on Friday with dinner out and Jake joined us
On Saturday Jacquelyn, Bucky, Declan and I went down to
Williamsburg shopping at the outlet malls
fun and I found some new clothes for summer
Then on Sunday we had the ultimate lazy day.....lounging around
and doing nothing!! that evening we all went out to Maggianos
for my birthday dinner! It was definitely a fun weekend.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lunch time .....

Since I started eating clean, I stopped buying lunch at work so much
mostly because I don't know what things are cooked in. But also
because I think my food taste so much better. There are times that I don't
have food prepared in advance so I just usually get a big salad from the
salad bar and add eggs for my protein. We are starting to see our cafeteria
at work do more clean eating dishes.....soups and veggie salads. So it's
really nice to go in there and see things that I can eat.
So now I get up just 15 minutes earlier so that I can pack my lunch.
 I do a lot of cooking for lunch in the evening after I
get home from Jazzercise. I also will put things in the crock pot and cook
while we sleep. Like tonight, I put a pork tenderloin
in the crock pot before I went to Jazzercise. When I got home, I roasted some string beans. I'll shred the pork up before I go to bed
and then I'll have good stuff for lunch tomorrow!
As I've always said, eating clean does take some planning.
Below are my breakfast
and lunch for the past 3 days.....
I cook my bacon in the microwave, 2 slices, 1 minute 50 seconds
It turns out perfect! I eat only sugar free, nitrate free bacon.
Once you eat this bacon, you'll never eat another kind....I find
it at Trader Joe's. I buy 2 boiled eggs at work. I know I should just boil a bunch of eggs at home but it's only a dollar for 2 eggs!
And I have some  cut up kiwi and a banana.
Then lunch is bean soup that I made from dried beans. I rarely ever
eat grains but I had not had any bean soup in so long that I just had
a taste for it. Also to go with it, a small salad, my own dressing
and for dessert a Larabar.
afternoon snack was 3 tiny tangerines.

Tuesday's breakfast was, 2 slices of bacon, 2 boiled eggs,
cut up grapefruit and grapes.
lunch was shredded taco chicken, baggies of black olives and tomatoes
that I added to it after I heated the chicken, salad with my own dressing
and of course to satisfy my sweet tooth, a Larabar
the 3 tangerines are my afternoon snack
Today, my  breakfast was bacon, 2 boiled eggs, grapefruit and kiwi
Lunch was a hamburger with mustard, no bun and
roasted asparagus and of course, a Larabar.
tangerines for snack......haha, seems I eat the same thing a lot!! 

And I pack it all in my Lands End tote bag....which I love!!
My breakfast and lunch fill me up so much and taste so good
and the bonus.......I save money by not buying lunch at work!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

March Snow ....

We really haven't had a "big" snow this winter
we've had brutal cold temperatures
and small snows......but nothing big
So when they started forecasting for a huge storm, naturally, I was
very excited!! But it wasn't to be......too much sleet and freezing rain
so the snow accumulations were not what they had expected
We measured 4 1/2 inches on our still a nice snow!

One of my preparations for a snow is to make sure I have
plenty of birdseed on hand to keep the feeder full
I love watching for the beautiful cardinals......

as you can see below, it doesn't take them long to go
through the seeds. So many different birds and of course those
dang squirrels


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

John Thomas ....

our newest grandchild John Thomas is so sweet!
he has that flappy piece of skin in his wind pipe so
he's very squeaky. So I call him my squeaky bear......
the doctor said no worries, he will get better in no time
his eyes are as big as Nicole's were when she was a newborn
Tyler in love with his newest son

Gabe loves being a big brother.....

Nicole and Tyler can now say.....our 3 sons!

Maddox loves John but I think will enjoy him more
once he can play!


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Random ...

My February chalk board ....

One of my favorite morning treats.....smoothies!
1 cup of coconut milk
1 cup crushed ice
2 cups of any fruit......this one was banana and strawberries
a drop or two of vanilla flavoring
and about a tablespoon of honey
run through the blender
I really love making the pineapple / mango smoothies
I use fresh fruit when available but I also buy the bags
of organic frozen fruit from Costco

Jake often stays with us on Sunday nights........he likes
watching the Walking Dead with us. Not only do we love having him around
but it's always nice when he helps me with cooking!! I think I have
mentioned before he's a really good cook

these 2 must always be together.....

Jake is one of Declan's favorite people
he smiles so big when he sees his Uncle Jake come in
and must go to him right away

Declan is all about making funny faces now ... which just cracks us up!

just look at this beautiful young family....ahhh, love them so much!!

He is so close to walking....he'll take 6 or 7 very steady steps
and then that's it, he's more interested in crawling right now


Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St Patrick Day ....

May the Irish hills caress you
May her lakes and rivers bless you
May the luck of the Irish enfold you
May the blessings of Saint Patrick behold you
later ......

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Declan's birthday, part 2 .....

I was really bad about taking pictures. I did get a lot of the decorations
but failed to get many of people......oh well, just means I was having a good time. Below is a cute picture of our son Jake and our grandson Maddox

Declan having a cup of milk before the party

the yummy nacho bar......chips, lettuce, jalapenos, tomatoes, black olives,
black beans, cheese and chili.....yumm!!

the pasta in the salad was shaped like baseballs, gloves and bats

My sister-in-law Susan and nieces Mallory and Abby with our
newest grandson John Thomas

Jacquelyn and Bucky's best friends Deanna and Carey

Jacquelyn, Declan and Nicole

Declan's cousin Ethan

more cousins.....Jeremy and Robin

Not counting his mommy and daddy.....I think Uncle Jake is
one of Declan's favorite people!

this is the first time that Declan has ever had anything sweet!
and he loved it

feeding cake to his mimi

below is his chalkboard "stats"

The party was fun and Jacquelyn and Bucky did a great job with it
Declan had fun, he was a little more reserved during the party, I think
just a little shy with all of the people. Then after most everyone went home,
he started being wild.....haha!!!