Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Living room re-do pictures.....

Some more pictures of the living room re-do
we are almost done
still need the coffee table
I want a Balustrade table but they cost anywhere
from $700 to $1700 ..... OMG!
and I'm not paying that. I was trying not to spend too
much on this room as we still plan to sell this home
in 3 years so def not paying that for a coffee table
BUT....found on the internet how to make one for $200
which is way better for me because I want
mine to have a white wash finish

So hoping Johnny and I can get started on that soon
below are the open shelves that are in the foyer
I had them filled with pictures but decided to do something
different....so with Kayla's guidance, found some cute
things to add to them. Was out shopping with Jacquelyn
and she helped me pick a few of the things out

I love the curtain rod going all the way across the wall
another suggestion from Kayla
she did this in her home with the curtains that I made for her
and I loved it....
I made these from a linen blend fabric that I found
on fabric.com  
great place to buy fabric!
another picture on the floor and I'm trying to decide
if I want to hang it there in between those 2 windows
not sure yet....

the home pillow I found at Kohls
had to get it....it has the state of Virginia
so even though we will retire to North Carolina
Virginia will always be our home
the other pillows I found at At Home

This print still needs to be hung....another beautiful
print from my sister Kandi
Also, this floor lamp.....I LOVE!!
and I can't even remember now where we ended up getting it
it is another great find from Kayla

so that's it for now
I'll def put up pictures as we build the coffee table but
that may be a while :)

Sunday, May 29, 2016

New Living Room .....

We've been working on the living room for quite a few months now
When we built our house 25 years ago, the living room just became
a playroom for the kids.
then when they started school, I started sewing full time
with a friend of mine making custom flags and curtains
after we got burnt out on sewing, we bought a desk
and a couple of wing back chairs and it became 
an office.....and also a catch all for everything.

I've always wanted it to become a pretty living room so
we decided to go ahead and do that. Even though we are 
3 or 4 years away from moving to the beach we know that
when the time comes to sell, a nice living room will help
sell our home.

A dear family friend had asked me to sew curtains for her new home.
she wanted to know what I charged for that but for her, nothing! But I
did tell her I was doing the living room and would love her help in
designing the room. I told her my likes and the vision I had and she
put together some mood boards for me to look at. From there, I picked
the things I like and what I didn't like and we ended up with a
mood board that was perfect.
of course the hardest part for me is always the paint color but Kayla
narrowed it down to 2, we got samples and put them up on
the walls so that made it easy.

We just started buying pieces of furniture one at a time
from all over
rug from World Market
sofa from Overstock
chairs from Wayfair
console table from At Home

the paintings are from my sister Kandi
they had purchased a home in the city that is on the historical
register so they wanted to decorate more in the period of the home
so they were nice enough to give me 2 of their beautiful
beach prints.....which fit perfect with my decor

We used to have solid doors here but decided to buy new
french doors to let in more light

another great find from Kayla.....I LOVE this lamp

I have finished the curtains
I'll put up pictures tomorrow of the finished room


I forgot ....

not really a post
just adding a few decoration pictures from Avery's party
don't want to forget to have these on the blog

one was covered in gold glitter

Jacquelyn decorated all of the mason jars that
were for the pink lemonade

Letter A covered in flowers....

that's all

Sunday, May 8, 2016

More party pictures ......

a bunch more pictures

this little sweetheart has never had baked goodies before
she has an egg, milk, rice, soy allergy
hopefully, something they say she may outgrow by age 3 or 4
so the bakery made her a vegan cake
she loved it

she loves her toy cell phone

this is my favorite photo from the day
she just walked over and laid down in
front of her stats sign.....so cute


Saturday, May 7, 2016

Avery Grace turns one ....

We all know that time flies....but dang, Avery Grace
is turning one tomorrow
that truly is way too fast!!

Jacquelyn and Bucky threw her party at our home
and there were lots of family and friends over to celebrate
this little princess turning one

They did an awesome job with the
food and decorations
here's a pile of pictures!

here is her "stats" chalk board

Avery and her daddy taking a nap before the party
he's the best Daddy

lots of pictures of her through her first year

pink lemonade and tea

beautiful cakes

more pictures from the past year

waffle cones filled with fruit...so cute and so yummy!

marshmallows dipped in pink chocolate with sprinkles

beautiful flowers every where

turkey and cheese rolls with a tomato and piece of basil on top

Cousins.....I have 2 little princess'

Jake and Kayce.....bride and groom

sweet family

more pictures tomorrow