Saturday, May 7, 2016

Avery Grace turns one ....

We all know that time flies....but dang, Avery Grace
is turning one tomorrow
that truly is way too fast!!

Jacquelyn and Bucky threw her party at our home
and there were lots of family and friends over to celebrate
this little princess turning one

They did an awesome job with the
food and decorations
here's a pile of pictures!

here is her "stats" chalk board

Avery and her daddy taking a nap before the party
he's the best Daddy

lots of pictures of her through her first year

pink lemonade and tea

beautiful cakes

more pictures from the past year

waffle cones filled with cute and so yummy!

marshmallows dipped in pink chocolate with sprinkles

beautiful flowers every where

turkey and cheese rolls with a tomato and piece of basil on top

Cousins.....I have 2 little princess'

Jake and Kayce.....bride and groom

sweet family

more pictures tomorrow

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