Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fitbit ....

I've been looking to purchase a Fitbit for awhile now
so when I saw that they were being offered to include the extra pack
of bands in different colors, perfect time to buy!
the 3 pack of bands is $30 so you got that free
Except that all they had left were the large size bands and I wear
a small. But the sales person suggested that I go ahead and get
the large while they were on special and then just check back
later and exchange for the small.
And I must say, I love it!!
It forces me to keep my eye on my steps so that keeps
me motivated. The pedometer was just a pain, not always tracking
very accurately and always falling off.
The Fitbit fits perfect on my wrist and I never take it off. You
can even shower with it on. I do remove every 5th day to charge it.
I don't do the calorie tracking. I was so happy when I started
clean eating and didn't have to track calories or fat or anything
like that so there was no way I was going back to that.
I do track my water and that keeps me on track to drink
the right amount.
And I really love the sleep tracker. It tells me how many hours
of solid sleep, how many restless times and how
may times I was awake. No real reason to really
need that but I just think it is very cool.
You can set your goals for steps and when you hit your
goal for the day, the Fitbit vibrates on your wrist. And that
makes me happy because then I know I've hit that goal for the day!


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cafe string lights .....

I bought some café string lights for our outside area
we have a large deck and a nice size patio
and around all of that is my flower garden
So I wanted some lights to illuminate the area
but just never found anything I really liked
then these came out at Bed, Bath, Beyond and they
were perfect!!
so we bought 3 sets and strung them through the trees and it looked
so beautiful and unfortunately, I do not have a picture of them on
because.........some dang squirrel bit through the wire!!
I think I need to move the 2 bird feeders because the squirrels
are always trying to get them so maybe if I move those, they
will stay off of my lights!
I'll put up pictures after Johnny repairs the wire

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Oil and Vinegar ....

One of our local malls has an Oil and Vinegar Shop!
It's awesome.......they have an entire wall of all different kinds of olive oil and
vinegars that they dispense from. And they sell different size bottles
so once you purchase a bottle, you just bring it back each time and only
pay for your refill.
they have samples of all of them so that you can taste
before purchasing....great!!
And oh my gosh, they are ALL so good!!
seriously, I wish I could have that dispenser wall in my own kitchen!!

My favorite is the Basil Olive Oil and I mix it with the tomato
vinegar for my salad dang good!!
I use the garlic olive oil for roasting all of my veggies!

Monday, May 19, 2014

35 years.....

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband
35 years ago today we said our "I do's" in the little
church that I grew up in.
I loved him so much that day but now, 35 years later, I love
him even more!

no big celebrations this year......we are heading down to the
beach for a few days so that will be fun to get away just
the 2 of us and relax at our favorite place, OBX!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A little more of Easter .....

Before dinner we had a small Easter Egg hunt for the kids
Since they were already going to have plenty of candy, I put
money in their eggs. I had 21 eggs for each grandchild and
wrote their names on their eggs so it would be fair and everyone
would get the same amount.
We had Gabe and Maddox hunt eggs first so that Declan
would see how it's done.......well, that only lasted a short time.
He was so ready to get out there and hunt eggs!!
I think they all enjoyed it

Maddox had fun hunting for eggs with his name on them

there's Gabe trying to find eggs......we had the hunt in the front yard
as to avoid the dog poop that I have failed to clean up

Declan really enjoyed looking for the eggs and he was good at it!

Grandpa watching the action......


Monday, May 5, 2014

Easter part 2 ......

I cooked Easter dinner for the kids and grandkids and
instead of the usual ham, I decided to have turkey this year
roasted potatoes, lima beans, string bean salad,
tomato/cucumber salad, and rolls.
Jacquelyn made an angel food / ice cream cake for dessert
that was wonderful (I did eat some of that)
But we also had lots and lots of candy!
Instead of making Easter baskets for the kids
I decided to use Easter candy as the table centerpiece
I love how it turned out

after dinner I gave all of the kids and grandkids bags so they
could load up on some candy! Please, I eat no sugar so I don't
need the temptation around me! haha.....

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Easter ...

We always get together with my side of the family for
Easter but this year it wasn't going to happen. We all got together
on Saturday before Easter to do a winter clean up of our parents
yard and then for Sunday, everyone had different plans with others
so we skipped it this year.
We came back from yard clean up and lunch at Mexico and
I was worn out! But still wanted to dye some Easter eggs. Not sure
why I enjoy it so much now that my kids are grown but I do.
And all that I use is the dye kits you buy......but there's just something
about those colorful eggs......and then getting to eat Easter eggs
all week for breakfast!!
Jacquelyn, Bucky and Declan were at the yard clean up so they
came back by the house afterward and dyed eggs with me.
While the eggs were cooling, Declan
sat in his highchair and made an Easter picture with
a bunch of stickers I had

looks at the pretty colors.......

Jacquelyn had to really hold on to the egg because
he wanted to throw it in to the he throws baseballs!

Declan had so much fun playing with the plastic eggs

having crazy fun with his daddy!


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Cousin love ....

Declan loves playing and hanging out with other kids
but he especially loves playing with his cousins
here he was just having fun climbing all over Gabe....

this next one is blurry but I still love it


Friday, May 2, 2014

Jacquelyn's birthday ....

Our sweet daughter Jacquelyn had a birthday
on April 13th
We were able to pick her day of birth and purposely picked
the 13th so that she would have a few Friday the 13th
birthdays.....and she loves that!
She is so sweet and caring...a very thoughtful daughter, loving wife, caring sister and a most excellent mother! We are just so proud of her in her job and how she cares for her family. It's hard to explain how much it means to Johnny
and I how her and Bucky love to hang out with us. We love it!!!
We do so much together and it sure is fun!!
We had taco night at the house for her birthday.....she wanted to have
something everyone would typical of her to be always thinking
of everyone else!!
I used the same chalkboard from Declan's party to do one for her
I think I'll do one for everyone this year!!
We usually just give the kids cash for their birthdays but
Jacquelyn and I went shopping together and she picked out
some new yay, she actually had a gift to open this year!
I may have already posted this picture before but it's such a sweet picture
I just had to put it up for her birthday post!!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Fresh flowers .....

I have always said that should I ever hit the lottery
my big splurge would be fresh flowers delivered
for every room in my house every single week!
yeah...I'm pretty easy to please
well, I didn't hit the lottery but I do buy fresh flowers every
Saturday for my house now. I shop Trader Joes and not only are their
groceries great prices, their flowers are awesome prices!!
Jacquelyn and I usually do our grocery shopping together
on Saturdays and now she does the same as me.
She says fresh flowers on her fireplace mantle are now just
a part of her décor.....haha! She is so much like me!!
Below are the ones I bought this past Saturday.....a vase full
for the table and another vase full on the counter

in another month or so my hydrangeas will start blooming and
I'll have lots of fresh flowers throughout the house!!