Friday, June 27, 2008

Killer snake update........

the other half of the snake was found.......dead! And has now been removed from my backyard. But doesn't really matter now as I will be spending the rest of the summer on my's almost finished!


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tagged by Paula......

I don't even remember exactly what the tag was but something about taking pics of your house at that moment.....I took them the other day when getting ready for the party but hadn't posted here they are. and keep in mind......the craft room is still a work in progress. The Frig...well, it's just packed because we were getting ready for the party. also, pic of my bedroom, den (with Jake) my closet and yes, that is a map of the world hanging in my closet. Johnny and I like looking at maps......and my bathroom! And I tag everyone or anyone that reads my blog....


Monday, June 23, 2008

The weekend.......

what a fun weekend...... and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JOHNNY BOY....we had Johnny's birthday party on Saturday. A lot of fun....I know you really shouldn't try out new recipes for a party but you know me, let's just throw caution to the wind and do exactly that! haha.....but it turned out great. I was worried about grilling due to the chance of storms so I made Low Country Boil and man oh was good! So you boil up some Old Bay Seasoning and a bag of crab boil. Then you throw in some little potatoes.....I used some very small red skin potatoes. After about 10 min, throw in some corn on the cob that you have broken in half. After about 5 min, throw in some sausage......I used Kielbasa or ever how you spell it...sliced. Then throw in some shrimp and lemon slices.....of course this only takes a few minutes and the shrimp are ready. It turned out great...I also had some cold dishes to go along with box slaw, 3 bean salad, fruit tray, veggie tray, cheese tray and some cold asapragus.

Then on Sunday we went to the horse track and had so much fun. Didn't really win any money but it was still a good time. Came home and pulled out all of the leftovers for everyone to munch on.

Today Johnny and I were off of work......we went down to the Dept of Vital Statistics..whoa....such a long, long line! But at least it moved fast and we got a new birth certificate for Johnny boy as his did not have the state seal. he can go get his passport. I'm going to get this guy to travel out of the country...eventually!!

And we're off again tomorrow....whoo hoo! So we were sitting out on the deck this evening and Johnny asked me what I plan on doing tomorrow....I told him I was going to spend the majority of the day working in my flower garden. So he gets up and goes out to the flower garden and just kind of starts poking around.......I ask him what he's up to and he said just looking for something. I ask what (here's my mistake) and he said a snake.....yes, that's right, a damn stinking rotten good for nothing scares the hell out of me please dear god why did you put them on earth SNAKE!! He then tells me that he found one on Saturday and chopped it in half with a shovel but when he went to pick up the other half....the half with the head, it was gone! Oh freakin no....for the love of all that is good, where the hell is the rest of the snake!! He said no worries, it's dead by now but guess what, I don't go for that stuff....and now, I know I will have nightmares tonight about this.
and now, I get to spend the rest of the summer from my deck......looking out at my neglected flower garden and wondering where in the hell the half killer snake is!!


Friday, June 20, 2008


A bullet point Friday......
*Working from home today - just doing my part to conserve gas!

*We're having a party tomorrow for Johnny boy's birthday......turning double nickels!

*Man oh man.....groceries have gone up so much!!

*Maddox has been doing some amazing things this week. He talked to us!! He wanted to go outside and as always, showed this by pressing his face into the kitchen french doors. Nicole told him they would go outside after dinner. So we had dinner and when he finished, he threw his hands in the air, said "all done" and then pointed to the door and said "outside"....WOW WOW WOW. This was huge! And of course, brought tears to my eyes.

*Last night Johnny and I were going to Costco to get stuff for the party. Maddox noticed we were leaving and started reaching for us. We told him we would be back soon and the look he gave us.....well, let me just say, I had tears in my eyes again!! So yes, we took him with us. I told Johnny......this kid, he's going to always get whatever he wants from me!

*The deck.....IS ALMOST DONE!! And it will be ready for the party tomorrow but without the railings. Johnny and I are off Monday and Tuesday so he'll work on them then.

*Finally..making plans to go to the beach!! Still waiting to find out what Johnny will be working over the July 4th weekend but for sure we can leave on Sunday and stay through Wed.

*Going to the horse track again on Sunday....giddy up!

that's it for now.....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wow wow wow..........

where I work is really, really cool because guess who was at our work today.....go ahead, guess......he's a football quarterback, superbowl winner, does those funny MC commercials, has a famous dad, a famous quarterback guessed it...P*yton M*nning.......!!!
he came to our work for his relationship with M*sterC*rd. And he just sat up on the stage and answered pre-approved questions.
My take.......he's big, he's tall, he seems very down to earth, very humble, very funny and pretty much just a normal kind of guy who just happens to be an awesome quarterback.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Luck of Friday the 13th........

Friday the 13th really can be a lucky day. Take for example last night......we took off of work a little early and headed down to the horse track. Colonial Downs is about 45 min from where we live. We don't bet too big......can't really afford that. We'll each bet anywhere from 10 to 20 on a race. Johnny boy hit the 3rd race winning $176.....very cool considering he never, ever wins! Then I hit the 5th race for $50....yeah!!
Then the 8th race Johnny did a super trifecta.....and he did it with the easy pick...letting the machine pick the horses. Now really, that's nothing but playing the lottery! Cost him $24 and there was mostly long shots in it. So we're watching the horses run....they finish.....and the winners post. Then they start posting the money and Johnny boy says.......Hey look, I won $143. So we're thinking that's cool.......but then, he's like wait a minute...I didn't win that. Then the winnings keep coming up and very casual like, Johnny's says....look, I won $1,431.00!! haha......we were all laughing but then, he really wasn't sure so we went up to the window and yep.....that's what he won! He couldn't collect his money because you have to also show your social security card and he didn't have his on him. Winning over $600, the government gets to take their piece of the action. But that's ok.......still walked out with much more than we went in with. Subtracing what we spent gambling, food and beer, we walked out with $1400.00. Not bad for a lucky Friday the 13th...........

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tagged from Cheryl..........

I am: pretty darn happy for this time of my life
I think: it has never been this hot this early in June in Virginia
I thank: God for my wonderful family
I know: that I shouldn’t wish time away but it will be so wonderful when Sept 6th gets here and we meet up with the family in the most wonderful place on earth…The Outer Banks!
I wish: my Johnny boy didn’t have to work so much.
I hate: the current gas and food prices
I miss: my grandma.
I feel: very lucky to have all of my family living close by.
I shop: only when I’m in the mood. And here lately, Johnny boy would tell you that’s every weekend.
I hear: the sweet sound of the air conditioner!!!!
I crave: sweets but I’m trying not to snack……cuz you know, it’s bathing suit time of the year!
I wonder: when our little Maddox will finally be able to speak.
I dream: of taking a tropical vacation.
I love: my Johnny boy.
I care: so much for my children and it causes me to always worry about them.
I always: make coffee as soon as I come home from work on Friday no matter what the temp is.
I celebrate: (will) celebrate Johnny boy’s birthday next weekend
I sing: really, really loud in the car by myself…..
I cry: at some of the dumbest stuff.
I don’t always: keep my mouth shut when I should.
I write: on my blog and notes to my family
I pray: every night for my family, friends and people I don’t know. And I pray for something good to happen to this world we live in.
I lose: my mind sometimes!
I listen: to silence…..I love it when it’s all quiet in the house. This probably stems from having 3 kids and all of their entourage around all of the time when they were growing up
I am scared: of snakes, height and bridges
I dance: for Maddox all of the time…..crazy dancing and he loves it.
I need: time at the beach and I can’t believe it hasn’t happened yet this year!
I surf: the internet and visit a ton of blogs.
I dread: Monday mornings!
I anticipate: enjoying my new deck whenever it gets finished.
I laugh: a lot and out loud!!

now it's your turn.......put your answers in the comments section or on your blog. Just let me know so I can visit you!!


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Trying to brighten my world, one Target trip at a time!

And Kohl's too! I've just really been all about color this spring and summer. My clothes are even getting brighter. I used to wear basically black, white and beige but I've really been into getting some reds, pink,! And it has spilled over into my house. I love the placemats for the kitchen table......Johnny boy told it look like a circus but I like it. Also, loving the frames that I bought at Target......I put in pics from my sister's wedding. The green and white wash cloths I keep in the kitchen for cleaning up Maddox's little hands after meals. I bought a bunch of different color cups from Target to use this summer........even added some red, white and blue to the den!


Sabotage........'s the reason I can't lose weight!! And can you guess where my Johnny boy works!


Thursday, June 5, 2008

So yeah......

I missed the one year party of my blog! I'm sure it was fun, good food, cold beer....wish I could have been there. But then again, only 151 post in one year, not sure that's such a huge celebration. Oh well, I'll try better on the 2 year anniversary and maybe I'll actually take part in the celebration........haha!

So let's take a look at what has kept me too busy to celebrate and too busy to post.....ummmm, well, so, ummm, oh yeah, I went shopping!! that was fun. And on Sunday, one of my very dear and fav people came to see me with her little babies.....a 2 yr old and a 3 month old. Ohhh how I love those babies....and ohhhh how I'm glad they are not mine! whew..

I've been fixing the dinners from My Girlfriends Kitchen and let me just say....yum yum good! Taste good, look good......I don't have to figure out what is for dinner good, Johnny boy loves them good.......just so much goodness all around!!! yeah, I'm hooked on this service and believe me, I'm already picking out my next round of 10 dinners!!!

also keeping me busy......trying to get my scrap room organized. And it's coming along. This is truly hard to believe but when I first started scrapping, I would scrap at least 4 nights a week if not more. I would sometimes stay up on Friday and Sat night and scrap until midnight or so. It has been months since I have even scrapped one page. I fell behind when I worked on the 2 scrapbooks last summer for my SIL and my niece. Then the holidays were here and crazy busy times and blah blah blah.....anyway, I scrap in order of my life and the last thing I was working on was our ski trip, Jan 2007!! yes, that means I am more than a year behind. And I just have so much I want to scrap about!! So getting my room organized is high on my list right now. I showed Johnny boy a sweet little 19" LCD HD tv with built in dvd player that I want for my room. He said he might buy it for me for his birthday.......yes, you read that right. That boy is just crazy!!