Friday, June 29, 2007

5 things.......

c'mon..........all 2 of my readers...Miss Weon and Shay Shay! Tell me 5 things about yourself on these topics.
here's mine....
"5 things you would never wear again"
1. Leg warmers…….c'mon, you know you wore them at least once!
2. Bikini
3. hot pants
4. prom dress
5. My wedding dress

"5 things you enjoy doing"
1. Scrapbooking
2. Gardening
3. Shopping
4. Deck sitting
5. Crocheting

"5 bad habits"
1. I don't exercise
2. sometimes I talk to much
3. I tend to get a little defensive
4. my sweet tooth
5. I'm a grouch in the morning

"5 things you would do if you were a multi-millionaire"
1. buy a house at the beach
2. pay off all of my families bills
3. buy a new car…….yellow 350Z
4. quit work
5. stay at the beach ALL SUMMER LONG…

Good news for this week.........

Mom has had some health issues and we have been waiting to find out if she was a candidate for this surgery. Found out on Tuesday that yes ma'm indeed she is. So there you go……..she'll be nervous, she'll have the surgery and then she'll be all better and back to her ole self! She's happy, dad's happy and us kids, we're thrilled!

Have been pretty busy this week and haven't had much time to do anything.......especially haven't had time to work in my flower garden and I REALLY need to do that!

Here's an absolutely precious pic of Maddox. Also, we celebrated Johnny boy's birthday on Sunday and here's a pic of his very sad looking cake! Now I've been making cakes long enough over these years to produce something a little better looking than this but I read the directions wrong, put in too much liquid and then tried to pour it off………all the while Jake and Jacquelyn were making fun of me. So it might look sad but it tasted pretty good……haha!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Weird ways.......

everyone has them and today is Weird way Monday! I'll list 3 of my weird ways and you tell me yours.

1. I have to always have the dryer setting end with the number 2.

2. I cannot get out of bed on Saturday morning unless I have my entire day planned out. Doesn't mean I'm going to do all of that, but I have to have a plan.

3. If I change the position of my hands on the steering wheel, I have to touch the new position 3 times....that really is weird isn't it?

I's probably a little OCD but I can live with it.
my doggie Chrissy has OCD........she's obsessed with lights.


Saturday, June 23, 2007

New Car

Look who bought a car on her very own.........Jacquelyn! She is so excited and just can't believe she has a brand new Scion TC Limted. Here's a pic of her signing her life away.....
Jake and Kayla returned from Myrtle Beach today and I'm so glad! I know I drive them all crazy but I can't help but worry about the kids, especially when they are out of town......just love them too much I guess! Nicole is still out of town and will be back tomorrow. Johnny and I are keeping Maddox all weekend and what a doll. He is just so good.....ALL OF THE TIME. We took him to Costco and out to eat on Friday night. Then he just followed me around all day today as I cleaned. Then he went car shopping with us......just smiling the whole time.
Friday I drove Jake's car to work and as I was driving 295, a car passed and I guess caught the edge of a rock, which then flew into the driver's side window. I can't even describe how much it scared me. I had just put the window half way up when it happened. Had I not done that, the rock would have hit me right in the temple. If that didn't kill me then surely the accident that would have followed would have done me in......guess it was my lucky day!! It's late and I'm tired.......

Thursday, June 21, 2007

First day of summer.....

Here we are now.....first day of summer! Though it has felt like summer for awhile now. We're going over to Mom and Dad's for cake to celebrate a late Father's Day. I guess everyone was in different directions on Sunday. I know Johnny and I were just trying to re-cover from our trip.
and just a word about Fathers.......they are absoutley the best! I know my dad is. I always grew up thinking my Dad could do anything in the world. I used to think that other kids must be terribly jealous that they didn't have a Dad like mine. Isn't that funny what we think when we are kids. Because probably most all kids were thinking that their own dads were the best. I believe my kids think Johnny is like that. Of course, I do too! My world would be so difficult if I didn't have my Daddy and very own heroes who can do anything! I'm sure of that......

Monday, June 18, 2007

we're back!

We're back from our week in hot, hot Texas. We really had a wonderful time and San Antonio is a really neat city. I loved the buildings and the houses are done in stone.....which were beautiful. And I didn't know they had palm trees! But the food......ahhhhh, the was awesome. I think I gained something like 5 lbs in just one week. So it's back to water and salads now! Johnny was fine with the plane ride but we did get pulled by security when we left Richmond. So much fun when they take you to "the room" and pull out the gloves! We didn't get pulled on the way back and I was glad about that. There's just something about being put out in full view of the airport and patted down that I didn't really care for.
Of course the best part was being with Shay and Dee and the rest of the family. And that trouble maker Jane.........good thing I don't hang out with her much or I would probably stay in trouble. HAHA.....Jane - you know I love ya!!
I'll post some pics later. I downloaded them to my storage site but they are not showing up yet.....I guess because there were 288!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Friday night

just a quick note......I'm doing laundry and packing clothes. Johnny and I leave tomorrow for San Antonio. It's going to be great seeing Shay and Dee and everyone! and what a surprise....Johnny hasn't even been saying much about the plane ride!
So last night was the Tool concert, which even though isn't quite my type of music, for a live concert it was very good. But this really weird band opened for them...called Melt Banana. They are from Japan....a heavy metal group. Really strange. That's it.....if my dear sweet Shay Shay lets me use her computer, I'll blog while in the grand ole state of Texas!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Who cares?

here's the thing.......we have a dining room and we use that dining room at Thanksgiving and maybe once or twice during Christmas. And I really like decorating the dining room for Christmas...just a side note. Now I really, really love scrapbooking. I've been doing it for over a year and just love it and love shopping for scrapbooking stuff just as much! This means I have a lot of supplies and it continues to grow. I've also been interested in learning to quilt so I bought a book and have been teaching myself to quilt. The problem is....I have no where to do these wonderful things that make me so happy. So I was thinking of turning the dining room into my own little den......where I can do all of these things. I tell/ask Johnny and like always, he says whatever you want is fine with me! So I start planning my little "den/scrap room" until Jake (my 19 yr old son) ask me whatsup? When I tell him he was like oh no.....what will we do for Thanksgiving. I replied..."make reservations". Which I thought was a great idea. He did not like that idea, did not see any humor in it. Jacquelyn (my 20 yr old) reacted the same way! Nicole (my 24 yr old) thought it was a wonderful idea! So I started re-thinging my little room. Originally I was going to store the dining room table and chairs and bring my desk down. Now I have decided to keep the table down, use that as my work space and that way at Thanksgiving, we will have it. I'll just make Jake help me put all of my stuff away.....for that ONE day! I'm looking to buy a comfy chair and ottamon and Johnny is going to buy me a 27" flat screen tv.....for my little den. It's probably why he was ok with means he gets to buy electronics! I was going to post some pics of the room but it looks so bad I'll do the before and after pics later. We're heading out now to the "Tool" concert. Not quite my type of music but I'm the suite host for work tonight and I knew Johnny loved them so we're off. oh, and here's a sample of my work, at the top. I still haven't figured out how to get it at the bottom. And....who cares if you have a dining room. later.......

Monday, June 4, 2007

I always forget!

I always forget that in the spring, birds will make nest everywhere! I look at the front porch and can't wait to buy 2 new hanging baskets. Last year I bought spider plants and they didn't do very well but the year before, the ferns did great. So I bought 2 new ferns to hang......and I always forget, birds build nest in the hanging plants every spring! I do not know what kind of bird it is......they are very small and all gray. And she laid 6 eggs. Two are blue, two are speckled and two are white. One of the eggs has hatched..... The baby's eyes are not even open yet but the mouth stays open. I hope we don't get any big storms so the plants aren't knocked over. Maybe next year I'll remember..........but I'll probably forget.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Rain Rain go away.......

I know we need the rain but why is it sunny and in the 80's and 90's all week while I sit at work then come the weekend........RAIN......arghhh! I really needed to work in my flower garden but looks like that isn't going to happen. I have so much to do before we leave for San Antonio on Saturday. Must find time to weed flower garden or by the time I get back it will be horrible. Jake and Kayla are going out to the Puddle of Mudd concert and it's outside......hope it clears up soon.
out for now.........nd

Saturday, June 2, 2007

First blog......

So here I am........I've been lurking around other blogs and became interested in creating my own. Not sure what I'll write about but it feels kind of neat to have my own corner of the internet. Of course, wonder if I'll be the only one reading it!