Friday, June 29, 2007

Good news for this week.........

Mom has had some health issues and we have been waiting to find out if she was a candidate for this surgery. Found out on Tuesday that yes ma'm indeed she is. So there you go……..she'll be nervous, she'll have the surgery and then she'll be all better and back to her ole self! She's happy, dad's happy and us kids, we're thrilled!

Have been pretty busy this week and haven't had much time to do anything.......especially haven't had time to work in my flower garden and I REALLY need to do that!

Here's an absolutely precious pic of Maddox. Also, we celebrated Johnny boy's birthday on Sunday and here's a pic of his very sad looking cake! Now I've been making cakes long enough over these years to produce something a little better looking than this but I read the directions wrong, put in too much liquid and then tried to pour it off………all the while Jake and Jacquelyn were making fun of me. So it might look sad but it tasted pretty good……haha!

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