Sunday, July 1, 2018

Kite Festival ....

The next day that our daughter and her family
were here, we went to the Kite Festival
up on Jockey's Ridge

It's a huge sand dune....the largest on the East Coast
There wasn't much wind that day so not many of the kites went up

the next day was very windy and as we drove by we saw the 
really big ones but I did not get
pictures of those

This was the first time Declan and Avery had climbed Jockeys Ridge
Declan said it was a desert and he was sure there
were dinosaurs buried under the sand....haha

Avery wanted to wear her Daddy's sandals

Bucky is such a good daddy....


Saturday, June 30, 2018

More from the weekend ....

Our daughter Jacquelyn and son-in-law Bucky 
treated us to a steak dinner 
for Fathers Day

and it was delicious!!!
We had steak, fresh tomatoes, corn on the cob, baked potatoes
cucumber and onion salad and blueberry pie

After dinner we went on a walk...
Declan and Avery were very proud to walk the dogs by themselves

right at the end of our street is the sound

Bucky stayed home because the pie was in the oven
he took this picture from the front balcony

after such a busy day these 2 cuddled up worn out
so sweet

and the picture below is the next day when they
were leaving to go home
It was a fun time


Beach .....

After the Kite Festival we went over to the beach

it was a beautiful day and the kids had so much fun
Declan is very nervous about the ocean but not Avery....
she didn't want us to hold her hand, told us she was fine!!
we told her NO WAY...ha!

So cute carrying their own chairs and their buckets

we got back to the house and they wanted to play in the
little swimming pool


Family Carnival .....

the week after we moved to the beach 
our daughter, son-in-law and 2 grandchildren came to visit

We went to the Family Fun Fair on the sound on Friday night
it was a fun time, small, clean and not crowded
Avery Grace had never ridden a ride before so she was very excited

it was a beautiful afternoon, perfect weather

The Soundside is a nice little park down in Nags Head
for all kinds of events

Avery had never been to a carnival before so she was really
mesmerized by all of the games and prizes

Declan and I rode the roller coaster

He was a little nervous when it started to go

But then was having a wonderful time

right in the middle of the picture you can see Jacquelyn
and Avery riding. Avery smiled and laughed the whole time
Declan was so worried about her....he was afraid she would be 
scared and cry but she loved it

Declan loved going through the obstacle course

they played a game and both won a prize