Saturday, September 8, 2018

Life on a Sand Bar ....

Life on a sand bar....the good, the bad and the ugly

here is the ugly....

Those dang sand spurs are so evil
they hurt so bad
the dogs bring them in so you find them on the floor,
in your bed, on the furniture....yikes!! 
I walk the yard about once a week and pull up everyone I can find
and I swear they must grow at rapid speed because
the very next week you find them again!! And before
I even finished typing this post we just had to pull about 8 
of them off of Khaleesi. She was running around the yard
playing and got them. So Johnny went out and dug up 
probably 5 plants
those little suckers might look harmless but wow, they
hurt really, really bad. 

here's another ugly..spiders!
NC must have a million different kids of spiders. Part of my daily
routine (though not always daily) is to walk around outside
with the broom and knock down all of the overnight 
spider webs. They are everywhere
glad I'm not freaked out over spiders
I even opened my car door and one had built a web
inside my door frame!! 
look closely and you can see the spider down in the 
left hand corner. This was on the railing to the steps

Now for the bad.....Hurricanes
as I type this we are awaiting information on Hurricane Florence
we know there is a good possibility of her hitting the East Coast
but we just don't know where.
We have experienced many tropical storms down here
when on vacation but never a hurricane. 
We are very hesitant to leave our home so our plan right now is
to ride it out. Unless there is a mandatory evacuation or a
category 4 storm, then we will leave
Today I prepared for an evacuation....dogs bag is packed, important
papers are packed, and everything else ready to throw in a bag
We have purchased a generator, have 10 cases of water, a full
propane tank for the grill, plenty of canned and non-perishable food
plenty of beer! New flashlights, lots of batteries, back up phone chargers
ready to use. We have sought out advice from locals and we are
as prepared as we can be. So nice to talk to suggested putting
bottled water in the freezer to use later in coolers
we will also fill up both bathtubs with water in case it is needed
for flushing

Now the good which really is the great....
when I log off of work at 4:00, I go to the beach
as many days as I want. I still can't even believe I live here.
It's unbelievable how much that ocean can calm a soul and
just make you smile! And I'm so happy that our dogs love it
our favorite time to go is afternoon, about 4:30 or 5:00 
we stay a couple of hours and either stop by a happy hour
or just come home and eat dinner
also note the picture below....once Labor Day is done
the beach is no longer crowded nor is the traffic bad

another good thing....fresh local seafood
I always struggled to find good seafood in Richmond
at a decent price. We go over to Colington Island
and buy from Billy's seafood. We were told by locals that
they have the best and at good prices. 

also good....this is one of the nicest community ever
Everyone is so nice, so helpful
It's very cool that it's not just folks who have always lived here, but
also folks from all over the place
and everyone is great! We have felt
so welcomed here.

that's it for now, the good, the bad and the ugly


Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Random ...

We have finally finished unpacking but still have so much to do
Lot's of projects
Johnny is drawing up plans to build a deck in the back
we are STILL waiting on the fence
people down here work on "island time" for sure
and they don't work in the rain! haha....and that's all we have had
growing grass and landscaping are all on hold 
until the fence is done

but we did work on the side yard of the carport
Actually Johnny did all of the work and I just gave my thoughts
on where they should go
I googled plants that can do well in sandy soil
since our entire yard is just sand!
Johnny framed it out so the mulch wouldn't wash away

with a list of what does well, he went shopping
hydrangeas, luna hibiscus, begonias, coleus, black-eye susans and lavender

 this is right after he finished
we bought a timer for the sprinkler so it comes on every
day at 3:00 for a good soaking.
He used garden soil in each hole that he dug and so far
they are all doing great. All of the hydrangeas are blooming
and the luna hibiscus now has lots of buds on it, should be
opening up soon

and just some random pics from around the house
Still do not have bedroom furniture but have ordered the 
furniture for the master bedroom
scheduled to arrive this Friday 
here's the #teddybear pack snuggling in all of the bed pillows

I have starfish in most of my windows
I love them
and these starfish are all from Jacquelyn and Bucky's wedding

the dogs love laying on the upper balcony

more starfish....

and that's it for now
life on a sand bar .... it's just fun


Monday, July 30, 2018

Just another day ....

We have had guest every weekend since we moved except
for the weekend before 4th of July. 
We were home that weekend because Johnny had a horrible
stomach virus. It lasted 5 days so we were pretty much
homebound. Once better, we looked forward to 
our next weekend of guest. 

Our daughter Nicole and her family came down recently.
They had a great time and stayed pretty busy despite
all of the RAIN!! 

They were able to spend a little time at the sound side beach
Friday afternoon after the rain stopped.

Then on Saturday they went to the Aquarium over in Manteo
and then of course some beach shopping

On Sunday they enjoyed some putt putt with the kids
and then lunch out before heading back to Richmond
and I failed to take any pictures....grrrr
except these 2...
our precious grandson Maddox....

and little Lorraine showing me her new sunglasses

here's our permanent guest who sits at the driveway to welcome folks
His name is Killian 

and my new front license plate

that's life on a sand's just fun

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Rain Rain go away .....

We have had rain for the past 9 days
and have received about 12.5 inches of rain
Here at the beach, it flood fast and in some areas it hangs around
for a while. Otherwise, it recedes pretty fast.
during that 9 days we had 2 afternoons where it cleared up a little

here is the creek that runs along our backyard so we were
keeping a good eye on it and it kept rising. But lucky for
us, it never got in the yard

We had one afternoon that cleared up so beautiful
so we headed over to the beach
It was late afternoon after work and usually there are only
a few folks on the beach
But not on this day, I think the vacationers had been
cooped up in rental houses and hotels so everyone
was out!!

while out there guess what happened....oh yes, it started raining!!
Except the sun was out and it produced a beautiful rainbow
it was only "spitting" a little rain and then ended very quickly

We love walking every evening down to the sound but with all of the storms
we have not been able to walk much
but the other day we had a chance
and I was so excited to see 4 deer coming running from our side yard
cross the street and head in to the woods.
They are such beautiful animals

and that's all for now
life on a sand's just fun