Saturday, May 18, 2019

Worrell 1000 .....

The Worrell 1000 is a 1,000 mile beach catamaran
race between South Beach, Florida and Virginia Beach, Virginia

It started as a bet in a beach resort restaurant between 2 brothers, 
Michael and Chris Worrell

The bet was it was impossible to sail a 16 foot catamaran from
Va Beach to Florida. The first race was in 1976. 

It has missed a few years and rules changed to allow
for larger catamarans

The race for 2019 is the first one in 17 years
They started in Hollywood, Florida and will finish today
in Virginia Beach

We were lucky enough to get out on the beach this morning and
watch as they prepared to launch

The North Carolina stops were Wrightsville Beach,
Hatteras and Kill Devil Hills

It was fun being out on the beach this morning to
see them launch


Sunday, May 5, 2019

This week .....

After having such a wonderful day on Sunday, warm,
out on the beach
Monday was cold! Probably not as cold but after having warmth
it felt cold and it was very, very windy so that made it feel colder

so that was the perfect time to pull some of my white bean chili out of the freezer. Then I made my fave salad
tomatoes, cukes, sweet onions
with vinegar, olive oil, onion powder and fresh basil...yum

On Tuesday I worked, Johnny ran some errands
and as soon as I logged off we headed over to the beach
83 degrees....and we took Pippa Lou who loves the beach
as much as we do!!
She is so good, no barking and there were a lot of dogs on the beach
she just lays on her beach towel and watches the ocean,
people and dogs

Wed was just working
81 degrees but we did not go to the beach
just had a lot of things around the house to take care of
Johnny worked on the's coming along!
he is in no he says, I work on retired time! haha

Thursday of course was Trivia time!!
we went to Hurricane Moe's for Happy Hour
yummy good shrimp and cold beer
Afterward we walked over to the beautiful
Then walked to Longboards for trivia
and we did awful....only got 12 out of 20!!

Below is the beach in Kitty Hawk

Then came Friday and all of these restaurants started posted
that they had fresh soft shell crabs!! one of my favorites
So we headed over to Blue Moon Beach Grill for soft shells
It was the first time this year we had to wait for a table....but only about 
20 minutes so not too bad


Wednesday, May 1, 2019

First winter ....

When we started telling people we were
retiring to the Outer Banks, most people would say....

"but what will you do all winter"

I always thought that was kind of weird and I would always answer
"I guess the same thing I do in Glen Allen in the winter"

I know it used to be so many places closed up down
here during the winter months but now it's not that many
and some close only for a month or so, not the entire winter

We had a great first winter down here though we have
heard it was mild in comparison to some of the winters
But that happens in Glen Allen too

Johnny will tell you the worst part was the wind
when cold, it just cut right through you, cold to the bone!

here we are on the beach Nov 25th 
I'm not wearing a coat, only a vest
and walking on the beach in November is great

December 1st our good friend Tim came to town and 
we were out on the beach again
it's also when I found my first piece of red sea glass
I understand it is very rare

Tim and Johnny coats needed
we just couldn't believe it was Dec 1st and it was so nice

I still made my cinnamon buns

and we loved decorating our new house for Christmas

and as I do every winter, I work on a puzzle

I did change my wardrobe slightly....added a bunch of hoodies

of course Johnny brought the excitement.....
so sick having to be flown to Greenville, NC

Turns out winter is some of the best shell hunting
we went out every chance we got

and here is the beach at the end of January
grandkids came down and we had a lot of fun on the beach

and went to one of the lighthouses

more great ocean treasures

We also saw some of the most amazing sunsets 

Feb 14th on the beach!

I def did a lot more cooking during the winter
and especially soups and chili's

always interesting it the wind, fog and Nor'Easters

we took the off season to check out new to us restaurants
and enjoyed most of our favorite bars
a couple were closed for the winter

We shopped, went to art galleries, went to craft shows, went exploring
and really had a wonderful winter here

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Sunday ....

Sunday fun day!!

Our Sunday started out with us sleeping in....doesn't get
much better than that

Lazy Sunday morning.....sitting out on the front balcony with 
coffee, late breakfast and then of course.....a run to Lowe's!! haha

Did a little yard work and then headed to the beach.
wow, so gorgeous. You could not have asked for a more beautiful day
This beautiful shepherd was digging a nice hole
for him to lay in
We saw lots of dolphins out today

Living our best life on this little sandbar

very calm ocean today, small waves and with the south
wind coming in a little sideways

don't ever doubt the wild life down here
you can run across bears before you cross the bridge to the island
and then if you cross the Alligator river down past Manteo, lots of bears! 

had to buy some plants for the carport that can
stand not being in the sun