Thursday, June 21, 2018

Making progress ....

Lots to do around here as we settle in to our new home
on this little sand bar called the Outer Banks

We have been here 2 weeks today

here is my Virginia wall
the top picture is our previous home in Glen Allen
Jacquelyn and Bucky had an artist draw this as a gift to us at Christmas
the little picture is a cool picture of the state of Virginia done
by a local OBX artist. Our awesome real estate agent gifted us this
and the long picture is the state of Virginia that I cross stitched
many years ago when I used to do that a lot
Jacquelyn and Bucky said I need to paint that frame
Carolina blue so need to go get that

I have lots of family pictures that I just love
at our previous home, each room had 4 walls so lots of space
to hang pictures. But the living space in our beach home has
4 room, dining room and kitchen.
So I had to be a little creative, with the help of Jacquelyn, on
deciding to do family pictures along both sides of the staircase. I do
have room to add more pictures and I'm really happy with how
it turned out
Ignore the big blueish painting leaning on the wall
haven't gotten that up yet
and note the textured walls, love them

everything smaller in the beach house...including the pantry.
I was used to a pretty large one in our other home
and this one is small, and you can't really see what is in the back.
So I organized each shelf and labeled it so there is no
need to ask where something is....hope it stays straight!

the builder did the TV / cable connections on the wall
in all 3 bedrooms and the living room. Nice to get at least one
up today...thank you Babe!!
The master bedroom now has a TV instead of it
sitting on one of the bar stools
Notice there is still no furniture...haven't gotten that far yet
Just a bed and a TV!


Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A big move ....

I have not done a post since January 6th ... wow
But a lot has happened in our life so I thought I should
document everything going on!

We have a new grandson.....John Cash Delaney
born on April 25th, 3 weeks early
He's the Delaney namesake and just precious

Jacquelyn and I were able to go to York, PA and
be there when he was born.

Johnny had to stay home as we were SELLING our home!
that's right, selling our beautiful home of 27 years,
the home where we raised our children, made so many
memories. But for us, it was time to start a
new adventure!

So we decided to take advantage of the "sellers" market
and find the perfect home to retire in
down in the Outer Banks of North Carolina

And we did!
We downsized big time....going from almost 3,000 sq ft
to 1708 sq ft. 
Of course it was tough getting rid of things so I ended up
holding on to too much! We get in the new house and 
I have no room for so many things. So then it became
easy to get rid of things...haha

So now my blog will become 
"Life on a sand bar" 
and I'm really going to try hard and document 
our new life.

Moving day was not easy for our 3 doggies
poor Khaleesi Rue was so confused about what was going on
as the movers started bringing things upstairs, she took advantage of any
open cabinet she could find and was hiding

here's our kitchen. I love it and pretty much have the same
amount of cabinets as the house we sold.
a few are a bit smaller
I was unpacking as fast as they were bringing them up the steps
We have a typical beach box home, reverse floor plan
so our kitchen, dining, living room, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms
are upstairs. Downstairs is a bedroom, bathroom and recreation room

here's the dining, dining and living room
are just one open room

we were unable to have our fence installed so the fence guy
installed a temporary fence so we could at least open
the door and let the dogs out

they were nervous at first but now seem to be enjoying it right much

and now after almost 2 weeks, they love laying in the sun in the sand

I'm not really sure when this "Nags Head" horse was bought
but my Momma bought it I'm going to guess 50 years ago. I was probably about 12 years old when we went, but not positive about that.

We went there when us kids were young and there was pretty much
nothing down here in Nags Head but cottages, a restaurant and a
couple of gas stations. It was always just called Nags Head but it is actually
made up of a few little towns starting with Kitty Hawk which is probably about 4 miles long, then Kill Devil Hills which is maybe 6 miles long, then Nags Head which is the larger town that goes to the end of the island. Later on it picked up the name of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It's actually just a sand bar along the coast, at some points only 1/2 mile wide if that. We moved to Kill Devil Hills. We are one block from the sound and 1/2 mile from the ocean.
Johnny and I have vacationed down here for 40 years and always dreamed of one day living here. So this "Nags Head" horse means a lot to me....that my 
Momma bought it. I remember her telling Daddy "do not ever bring me to this God forsaken place again"....haha. And then as the years went by, she loved coming down here. It grew from just the Beach Road to the bypass that started filling up with stores and restaurants and then Momma loved it and came down on vacation with Johnny and I. 
So in this window in the dining room is the perfect place for it.

I just couldn't wait to get my flag up and my sweet
babe installed it on flag day for us!

It will be 2 weeks tomorrow that we moved here
I still wake up each morning and cannot believe I am here

life on a sand's just fun


Saturday, January 6, 2018

Christmas eve ....

Christmas eve was so much fun
with our kids and grandkids

all clean and ready for the family
"the calm before the storm"

I put the tree in the living room this year and I really missed
having it in the den where I could see it every evening when
watching TV....I did this because of Khaleesi but then
ended up putting her in a crate
oh well...

the dining room table all ready for dinner

I do not have my coffee bar set up anymore
I'm looking for another piece of furniture to use for that
I saw the perfect piece at Costco and really regret I didn't
get it because now it's no longer available 
so I'm on the lookout!

here I am cooking again!
as much as I love it, cooking for a crowd will wear you out!

we now have to put a children's table up
when all of the kids and grandkids are here for dinner
I guess Khaleesi Rue was hoping she was going
to get a seat at that table

Our menu was...
London broil with horseradish sauce
pasta salad
lima beans
garden salad
and Daddy's dessert! 
We don't know what it is called, it's a recipe a friend gave him
and he makes it every year so we just call it "daddy's dessert"

For our appetizer, I did for the first time a charcuterie board
that's just a fancy word for salt preserved meats
I was so excited to make one of these, had been looking all
through Pinterest at all of the beautiful boards
I think it turned out pretty good with a good selection
of cheese and meats. Then some nuts, olives, artichoke hearts,
fig jam, bread sticks, grapes, dried cranberries, grapes, blackberries,
 crackers and mustard

I did a smaller one too so that Jacquelyn, who is a vegetarian could
have a nice selection of cheese, nuts and crackers

Jacquelyn bought Christmas crafts for the kids to entertain
them before dinner. So very thoughtful and the kids loved it

Declan, Gabe and Avery

John Thomas

Maddox and Nicole 

the kids and grandkids exchange their Christmas gifts
on Christmas eve.....and have so much fun

2 little princess'

so much fun and also so exhausting
topping the evening off with a little Bailey's. That is
always my treat during Christmas vacation


Friday, January 5, 2018

Christmas baking ......

I love baking goodies at Christmas
One of my favorites is the cinnamon rolls I make
I use the Pioneer Woman's recipe and I do not stray from it at all
I follow the exact recipe and they turn out fabulous

The first batch I made was on the day it was snowing
I made 8 tins of rolls

Then the next weekend I made them when my friend Janace
came over. We love getting together and making the buns
And we made another 8 tins

it's messy and fun to make
rolling the dough out and then covering it 
in butter, sugar and cinnamon

here they are all covered up so the dough will rise again

the icing is the best part....maple flavoring with a little bit of coffee in it

here they are .. all baked and cooling so I can put them in the freezer
then I like to share with family and friends to have on Christmas morning

this was the first year I made's Ritz crackers, covered in homemade
toffee, covered in chocolate then covered in pecans. Holy moly, really
really good

I always make these Russian tea cookies.
aka...Mexican wedding cookies or snowball cookies

Failed to take a picture of the other goodies....
lots and lots of Buckeyes and Haystacks