Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Laundry room....

The laundry room is finished. Well, really, it's a laundry closet.
this is what you see when you come up the back stair case...if I have left the laundry doors open

this hangs in there....back from my x-stitch days when I had good eyesight...haha
We bought the overhead cabinets from Lowes...and yes, I have the old school washer and dryer.......not the fancy schmancy front loaders! That's a whole nother story....

and here's the new laundry sorter I bought from Lowes. Very cool as I can just roll it down the hall to our bedroom, seperate the clothes....make a stop at Jake's room, yes, I sitll do my baby boy's clothes! Then just roll to the laundry more carrying baskets.

see how it fits perfectly between the dryer and the wall.
so that's improved laundry closet!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Just call me Martha........I made butter! No kidding, I didn't even know you could do that at home, with your mixer, in 15 minutes!!
It was so easy and so fast.......and so good! I did add salt to mine.

And of course I had to go buy a cute little container to keep it in! The butter is so yummy but it's really hard so you have to take some out a little before you plan on spreading on toast. And I have the guard for my mixer but still had to drape a towel over to avoid the splatter.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

A nice surprise...

On Wed, I worked up in our Northern Va office. Our company is pretty wonderful in the fact that they provide a really nice bus  for us to ride so that we do not have to fight the NOVA traffic. And anyone from this area can really appreciate the traffic part! So I was pretty tired by the time I got home. Imagine my surprise when I walked in and the first thing I saw was this....
The dining room table was all set for dinner! We do not usually eat in there except during holidays

And my son Jake was in the kitchen!

And this was coming out of the oven! Yes, my 21 yr old son surprised me with dinner. He made chicken parmasean....and he even made sweet ice tea!
such a wonderful thing to come home to...


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Winner winner.......

 And the winner is Amber from and go say hi to her....she is one funny gal

Amber said...
OOOHHH!!! Pick me! Pick me!! I love all of those things!!! :)
And your dishtowels are precious. I need those!!! :)
Happy Birthday!!!

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So congrats Amber!!


Monday, March 22, 2010

500th post giveaway.........

UPDATE: I failed to put a cut off the giveaway will end  at noon on Wed. thanks!
Can't believe this is my 500th post
and it's also my birthday so to honor both, I'm having a giveaway of 5 things that relax me!
First up is a really cool gardening book. Working in my yard and my flower beds relax me so much.....unless there is a snake sighting and then all of that goes downhill. So this book is used, still in great's the only "used" thing I'm giving away!

and who doesn't relax to a good cup of coffee and you can't get much better than Starbucks! We buy this stuff by the case.....mmmmmm.

I'm not the greatest on writing personal notes but I sure do love getting them. So here's a very cute little notecard set....brown and blue! Who doesn't love brown and blue!!

I make these cute little crocheted dishcloths....or you can use them as hot mats. But crocheting to me is so relaxing! I don't really know how to make anything except these, scarves and blankets. haha..and I sure enjoy it. And if you should win, and these colors do not go with your kitchen, trust me, I have lots of these so I probably have the colors you would like. I think they just look cute sitting there all tied up :)

and last but not least........EATING OUT!! You all know that's relaxing! So here's a $50 gift card to help you relax. And what better place than Friday's....we all love that day of the week! And Friday's is fun and loud!!

To enter my giveaway, just leave me a comment...maybe even a birthday greeting! I only have about 35 followers so your odds of winning are pretty good. I do have a lot of friends and family that follow my blog so I will be using random generator to pick my winner. Just so no one thinks I'm showing any favoritism :)
so good luck.......


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Check this out....

We did a lot of cleaning out today.....and look what we came across. Johnny's uncle gave him this old camera many years ago. We had kind of forgotten about it until Nicole found it today in a box that was in storage. It is an Ansco Speedex 4.5 special...made in Germany. I don't know how old it is but it sure looks cool sitting up on my bookshelf now.


Friday, March 19, 2010

My kind of day.......

See all of those bags....we filled those up today! Johnny and I both took a vacation day today.....warm weather and college basketball = right decision!
and it was 73 degrees today
we went out in the convertible today.....playing Beatles music!
and my toes are all ready for the warm weather

My brackets are looking kind of bad for the bball games but it's still fun.
My flower garden is all cleaned up of winter debris and ready for some pretty flowers. I still need to wait a few weeks until the danger of frost has passed.
tomorrow we will tackle the front yard and wash our vehicles!
And I'm so tired right now, I could cry! But it's the good kind of tired.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day...

You know with a name like Delaney, we will be celebrating tonight with a little bit of green beer (or a lot) and some cabbage and taters!

and here's a wonderful Irish blessing for you today......

May those who love us, love us

And for those who don't love us, May God turn their hearts

And if he can not turn their hearts, May he turn their ankles,

So we may know them by their limping



Saturday, March 13, 2010

Indoor football.......

We went to our first indoor football game tonight. Lots of fun...very fast, lots of short passes. I did not know that there was a difference between indoor football and arena football. And I also can't tell you what the difference is! But it was fun and I hope to go to a few more of the games.
and this is post #496 so we're almost to my giveaway. I had a couple of great suggestions from PJ, one of my bloggy friends. But PJ, I'll have to skip on offering a cruise or maid service...not sure that's what people really want....haha, wink wink!

We're having tons of rain and thunder and lightening tonight!
The shevles to the laundry closet are still not hung but we have been busy each night so I'll give Johnny a break on this one.
I worked out in my flower garden today....I love that!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Getting things done......

My laundry is basically a extra wide and deep closet that is located at the top of the back staircase. When we built our house, we opted for the closet vs a laundry room in order to make the staircase 2 story, with a cute little balcony. Boy were we dumb......sure wish I could go back and have a laundry room, but whatever. So I've never done anything with the closet.......just a washer and dryer with the standard builder wire shelf over it. And finally after 19 yrs, I've decided it needs sprucing up. So I have painted it......and then bought the nice utility cabinets from Lowes. Johnny promises to have them up by this weekend........

these are the cabinets minus the doors and they are white...not yellow as they look in the picture.

and this is the one that will go on the end. see the bottom part....that has a pole for hanging clothes on.

these are the doors to the cabinets

And I have also been working on getting my giveaway 500th post!!! I will give you 2 involves the number 50 and the other involves the picture below.....

but that's just 2 things............I want 5 things in my giveaway so I need to come up with a few more items.


Monday, March 8, 2010

*CAA Tournament....

I love going to the CAA Tournament. Didn't think I was going to get to go this year as I was too late in trying to get decent seats. But a friend came through with some awesome tickets for Sunday and the final game tonight.

So yesterday was lots of fun. Virginia Commonwealth University is right here in our city and they were playing Old Dominion University, another one very close to us. I was really pulling for sister graduated from there and my niece attends there now. But alas, they lost.......great game though.

As ODU was introduced, the VCU students turned their backs and then would hold up their hands as if to say..."whatever". It was not bad sportsmanship, it was only just for fun.

The VCU Ram......

The VCU cheerleaders......

I love watching all of the crazy college kids...they have so much fun and have so much energy!

So tonight, ODU is playing W&M for the CAA championship. And why am I not there....ughhh! I started having a stomach ache this afternoon at work, came home and gobbled up some pepto tablets but my stomach was still a little rough. I was afraid I would go and get sick and then Johnny would have to leave early to I decided to stay home. Oh well, at least I got to watch the most exciting game yesterday with VCU.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

WOW.... about a giveaway.........go check this one out!

this is what they are giving away.....



go check it out...



Just some random stuff........
let's start with a pic of my Chrissy girl soaking up the sun...
and here's the word of the week
LOOK LOOK....look at my sprouts! I just planted these on Monday night. I put them in the empty bedroom upstairs that gets the full morning sun. I soaked them pretty good and then covered in saran wrap for a "hothouse" effect. These are all zinias. My other tray has not sprouted yet.

Thanks so everyone for the well wishes on my back. It's getting better each day. I would feel it the most after sitting at my desk all day but all is good.

The CAA tournament is in town and I don't have tickets ;(
Long time readers of mine will remember that I absoutly love attending the tournament but my work gave up their suite so no connection there. And I thought the tickets went on sale in January so I went online but all that was left were the nose bleed section....and this ole gal doesn't handle that very well. They actually went on sale in December so I have marked my calendar for this December to order tickets.

Johnny boy and I went to the Home and Garden show last night. It was ok...we enjoyed it but seems like the same exibits each year...nothing new or different. Then we went out and grabbed some dinner.

I am only 8 post away from my 500th post! I need to think of something good for my giveaway....any ideas? it's off to clean, shop and get my nails done.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sick today...well, not sick...hurt........

I hurt myself this morning.
I just can't even believe it.
All I did was getting ready for work and was sitting at my vanity, curling my hair, and when I lifted my right arm I felt a horrible pain.
like in I thought I was going to fall out of the chair.
on the 1 to 10 pain scale, it was a 10+
but I'm a whimp so maybe it was really like a 6
and then every time I took a breath, pain...major pain

Still at this point, the not so bright person that I am, thought I could still go to work.
Came downstairs, walking very careful, let Chrissy girl out.
Then time for her to come in
and because she is so spoiled rotten, she will not come up the steps
so I bent down to get her and yep.......the 10+ pain came back.

So I called Johnny, could barely talk to him due to the pain when breathing and talking at the same time

He came home and took me to the know that big ole muscle right below your shoulder blade...that one, yep, I pulled that one.

curling my hair!

I turned down the good drugs......I don't do well with them stomach wise so the doc said just do 3 Advil every 4 hours all day.

it's better right now as long as I don't take deep breaths, sneeze or laugh.

hope it's better tomorrow.


Monday, March 1, 2010


I started my flower seeds this evening.
then covered them in saran wrap for a hothouse effect
And I put them in the empty upstairs bedroom that has double windows and receives full morning sun.
hopefully soon, I'll see some little sprouts.