Saturday, March 13, 2010

Indoor football.......

We went to our first indoor football game tonight. Lots of fun...very fast, lots of short passes. I did not know that there was a difference between indoor football and arena football. And I also can't tell you what the difference is! But it was fun and I hope to go to a few more of the games.
and this is post #496 so we're almost to my giveaway. I had a couple of great suggestions from PJ, one of my bloggy friends. But PJ, I'll have to skip on offering a cruise or maid service...not sure that's what people really want....haha, wink wink!

We're having tons of rain and thunder and lightening tonight!
The shevles to the laundry closet are still not hung but we have been busy each night so I'll give Johnny a break on this one.
I worked out in my flower garden today....I love that!


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Christine said...

hey sweet friend of mine! Hey..I am all over the cruise idea! You crack me up! Love seeing and keeping up with you on FB!