Saturday, September 29, 2007

Money grubber......

I have the most diva dog ever..........her name is Little Missy Chrissy and she was my Christmas present 8 years ago from Johnny boy. She's solid black and her hair feels like cotton except for her ears.....they are very silky. She is a pek-a-poo.........part pekingnese, part poodle. Very smart like the poodles and very mean and selfish like the pekingnese. And I can say that about pekingnese because I had one before.........and they are brats.
So our little Chrissy girl gets groomed every 3 months. Every 3 months because that's when she needs to be groomed.........not earlier and not later. It took me quite awhile to find a groomer that we liked and of course Chrissy was the one to decide on that. Dogs don't lie so when I would pick her up from a groomer and she cried, then I knew that wasn't the groomer for her. Then we found Bess..........and Chrissy loves Bess! Which was wonderful because Bess grooms dogs out of her home by appointment.........she does not put your dog in a cage. And Chrissy, being the diva that she is, does not stay in a cage. You have an 11:00 appt, then you drop them off at 11:00, pick them up an hour for us! And when I pick her up, she does not cry and sometimes will give Bess kisses. So I know she is wonderful to my Chrissy and Chrissy loves her.

Then what happens.............Bess moves......she has to move out of state to help with family! I was so sad to lose her........knowing how it was going to be so hard to find another groomer. One that worked by appointments, one that did not cage the dogs and one that Chrissy loved. I find another groomer and try her. First time, ok, Chrissy not too upset and I was able to pick her up a hour and a half later. I schedule the next appt. 3 months later, I'm there and there is this large jar on the counter with a note....telling the story of the groomer's poor standard size poodle named Bubba! Now wait, who the hell names a standard poodle Bubba? Standard poodles are very elegant looking, almost in a very frenchie snobbish way.......their names are Fifi and Pepe..........something very french but Bubba!! Anyway, poor Bubba had to have surgery and oh my......the surgery bill for the groomer is $1400 and with rent so high and I just had a baby and I'm so trying to keep cost down to you, my customers....could you please find it in your heart to make a donation to Bubba? and no kidding, it also said......."I would do the same for you". Now I thought this was a bit tacky what with all of the pictures covering the walls showing Bubba winning every dog show he's ever been ribbons and "stud" service.........give me a break! It was my 2nd time taking Chrissy and the price had already increased!
But again, Chrissy was pretty happy so what could I do........I dropped 5 bucks in the jar for Bubba and made her next appt.....for 3 months later, which would be November.

Then 2 weeks ago I come home from work and check messages and low and behold there is a message from Bess! Bess has returned and is back in business. I'm so happy and right away, make Chrissy's November appointment. The next day I call the other groomer....Bubba's mom, to cancel Chrissy's appt......and I get her answering machine. Along with the standard "we're busy right now" was also this message.........."we are no longer accepting new clients unless you are willing to commit to having your dog groomed every 6 weeks". Can you freakin believe that?? Bubba and his mom are money grubbing people! Guess not many people put money in Bubba's jar so now she is going to dictate to you how often to get your dog groomed or sorry, can't be her client! give me a break...........praise to all........BESS IS BACK!


Thursday, September 27, 2007

We have critters....

or maybe it's just a cat! I put some really beautiful mums on the front porch because even though it's 90 degrees, the calendar says it's fall. Damn......I'm having to water them every single morning because the heat is hurting them so bad. But what's even worse is some animal has decided that the middle one looks like a nice place to sleep all night. And each morning I come out, it's all pressed down with a few broken pieces. So a friend of mine at work suggested putting some lemons in the pot........the citrus might keep the critter or cat away. we'll see.......

a "I'm not smoking anymore" update............I'm still not smoking. Which is good in a lot of ways. But the bad thing is the weight gain. I'm just not happy about all of that but.........I'm still not smoking!

I meant to post the other day, Sept 25th, to announce that Christmas is 3 months no one was going to figure that one out and needed me to announce it! I just love, love, love the holiday season. I love the decorating, the shopping, cooking, wrapping gifts, being with family, teasing my kids about gift secrets.......just can't wait. I've already started that last one......I have teased Kayla once about a gift I've already bought her! I'm looking over recipes already and trying some out to get ready! I just love the feeling that the holidays bring.....I remember seeing this quote "Love is what's in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen"......yeah, that's what I love!


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Another new car??

You have to believe that our insurance guy is just loving us right now! First Jacquelyn bought her new car, then a week later Johnny boy and I bought one and now Jake! That's two 2007's and one 2008 in 2 months time! Yeah for Jake......his first brand new car! It is a 2008 Subaru Impreza and saying he is excited just doesn't even start to describe him.......I've attached pics. The car with the big tail fin is the one he would have liked to have bought but it's turbo and turbo + 19 yr old = very high insurance! And notice the pic of Johnny boy standing in front of the dealership.........he just has that "yeah, I'm proud of him" look on his face. And for Jake.......another goal to scratch off of his list and another step toward becoming an adult........I love that boy!


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's hell getting old........

The Richmond Braves played the double header on Saturday........they won the 3:00 and went on to win the 7:00 game....winning the Governor's Cup for the AAA International league. Now they play the Pacific Coast winner in Oklahoma will be on ESPN2 at 8:00...I think!
and it was fun watching them celebrate, piling on top of each other, shaking up bottles of bubbly, spraying the crowd..........all good. I tried to capture it on my camera and this is what happens when you get old and try to take pictures, without your glasses and it's 10:30 at night.........hehe

now here's the other thing to talk about.....non-fun people! Yes, there are non-fun people in this world and I work with a lot of them. In my job I plan fun events for our team. As mentioned in another post, we went white water fun! And then there are just little I planned a Texas hold em tournament. I did not even have enough people sign up to hold a tournament........WTF.......who wouldn't want to head down to the conference room and have some fun playing Texas Hold em! So while I'm trying to figure that one out, I put that on hold for now. Today, I had a kickball 2 out of 3 games. I had beer that I had iced down at 9:00 this morning so you know how cold it was......Beautiful weather, probably around 78 degrees. Out of 89 people on my team, 42 said they would come and 24 showed up. arghhhhhhhh Now who wouldn't do that! You don't even have to get in your car and drive.....we have the fields right at work!! Yes, I'm telling you this and I know a lot of you will find it hard to Johnny boy can't believe it. You didn't even have to play.........all you had to do was get up from your computer, walk to the fields and drink some beer and watch your team mates laugh, fall, jump in the air, make sarcastic remarks to each other, hit each other hard with the kickball..........this is FUN people!

alright......that's enough of that. It's almost time to watch the Braves play...


Friday, September 14, 2007

More pics....

More pics from the Richmond Braves vs Durham / Governor's Cup

Rain out.......

Johnny boy and I were at the Richmond Braves game last's the AAA Governor's cup championship game. The Braves had just returned from Durham and were tied in the series. It was a great game even though they now Durham is up by one.

We've been watching the games from my companies Suite at the ballfield. It's really nice with food and beer and we also have some outside seats right in front of our box. So Thursday night, 4 young men are sitting right there in front of us.........and it's 4 of the Atlanta Braves pitchers! The A-Braves are in DC to play the Nationals starting on Friday, so these young men drive down to cheer on the R-Braves. I think that's really cool. And we were talking with them.......Johnny boy joking around with them. It was fun.

Now Friday.......we are rained out! We'll be back at the Diamond tomorrow at 3:00 for the next game. Here's a couple of pics of the good ole ground crew covering up the field. A pic of Johnny in the suite......I think he had his mouth full of food...haha.....And a pic of me in the suite........with my stupid short hair. (can you tell I'm not liking it)


Wednesday, September 12, 2007


to our grandson.......Maddox! 2 years old today!

Just family dinner tonight and his party is the 22nd but of course, we had cupcakes for him!

here's a few pics.........really like the one of Grandpa Johnny boy having to put together toys again. I'm sure he thought he was done with that years ago!


Monday, September 10, 2007

We will always remember.........

September 11, 2001
I'll always remember where I was.
I was sitting in my cube at work and one of my friends at work called to tell me to meet her in the lobby. I went down and everyone was gathered around the tv watching as the horrible events unfolded. We saw the second plane hit and I thought, as everyone did, how it was just so sureal. The company I work for employs people from all over our country and the world. So we witnessed many people panic stricken as they tried so hard to get in touch with friends and family who worked at the WTC and around New York. Then the plane hit the pentagon and a very dear friend of mine at work, his dad works there. He was at a meeting offsite and it was hours before anyone got in touch with him. His dad was ok but his family had to spend a good part of the day wondering until they heard from him.
I wanted to rush to school and get my kids but we thought we shouldn't. We thought it best they stay at school and not home glued to the TV.
And I remember how when I came home from work, I hugged them extra hard.
And one of them asked me..."Mom, are we safe?" brought tears to my eyes to think that my children, who live here in the USA, had to ask me that question.
Please remember everyone who lost their lives that horrible day and hold their families in your prayers. Give your children extra hard hugs tonight!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

The hair stituation..........

So I knew that I would never get my new hairstyle to look the same as when the hairdresser did it. But it's ok because after about 2 hours when she did it, it was just straight and flat on my head. And I don't like it flat on my head because I think I have a pin's just too small for my body but that's another story.
I have tried fixing it a few other ways and I'm really starting to like it. I'm going to try it a little different tomorrow as I went to Target today and bought all kinds of hair products and stuff. I'll be brave soon and post a picture........but not yet.

Random things......

Still not much going on around our here's just some very random things about me!

1. I love to clean my house. I know..I fuss about it but I still love it. Johnny boy says it's the "end result" that I love. And maybe that's part of it but give me something dirty...boy I just love to shine it up!

2. I am crazy, insane scared of snakes. It's horrible how it makes me feel but I can't help it. Last spring there was a snake on our front steps so that was it for more working in the yard. I called him "Killer" and I just knew if I went out in the grass, he would come after me. Johnny boy and the kids kept telling me that he was long gone and afterall, he was only a black snake. All I heard them say was blah, blah, snake, blah, snake! So last year was the year that my flower garden went all to hell because I was so sure that Killer was out there lurking and waiting for me. Luckly this year, there was no snake sighting so lots of yard work was done and my flowers were beautiful.

3. I love snow! I love a snowy day.......and at least enough to either keep me home from work and work from home. All of the curtains and blinds must be fully open to view the beauty of the snow falling. Something good has to be cooking on the stove......usually soup. All of my favorite mugs on the counter waiting to be filled with hot chocolate. And me going front door to back door snapping pictures of the snow, the kids, the dogs.......I love it!

4. I am crazy about scrapbooking. I wish I had friends who scrapbook so I could talk about papers, card stock, embellishments, etc and someone not think I'm nuts. but I only know 2 people who do this. My niece and my friend Kgirl who is pregnant and very busy with a 2 year old. We used to scrap together and it was fun but now she's living that life I had so long ago so I understand. When my 3 were little, there was no way in hell I even had time to read a book...

5. I quit smoking in May, 07 and I'm pretty proud of myself. Not so proud of the pounds I have added to my shortness but I can work on that later. I told my doctor if she tells me I have anything seriously wrong with me then I will go back to smoking and she said ok.

so there you go........5 little random things about me. If you have time, tell me 5 things about you!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I have nothing.......

nothing to blog about.......
Friday...nothing really
Saturday....cleaned just a little then went shopping (that part was good) and friends over for a cookout and that was a lot of fun. A lot of work but a lot of fun good!

work is crazy busy so when I get home I'm just worn out. I can't think and nothing really funny has been going on.

Oh.......but I did get my hair cut. Like major cut. I've had long hair for so long. It's always been my last attempt to hold on to being young. Because I don't like not being young. I'm 51 years old but in my mind, I'm still in my 20's. So not cutting my hair was my way of still being young. I know...dumb but it was my thinking. But tonight, I had 6 inches cut off. It touches my shoulder and that is short compared to what it has been for years. And I really like it though I'm not feeling real good about how it's going to look in the morning. You know how the hairdresser can fix it just I'm just not sure.