Sunday, December 31, 2017

Delaney Thanksgiving ....

I just LOVE Thanksgiving
I love all of the family coming over, the food, the cooking
not so much the cleaning up but who does!

my decorated table 

I thought it looked good but then I added some cedar from
a tree in the front yard...looks so much better

this is me all happy on Wed night cooking
some things early....I just love it!!

I cooked my cranberries the night before

I also put together my corn pudding and my
sweet potato casserole the night before

I never cook a whole turkey, only turkey breast
and due to our family size, I cook 2 so we are guaranteed 
turkey sandwiches the next day!
I don't do stuffing....I always brine my turkeys
and I love just cooking with fresh herbs
below...they are ready to go in the oven!

cousin love....

we were missing Jake and Kayce
they had dinner with Kayce's family
We were also missing Lynne and Tom who spent
Thanksgiving with Tom's family

another Thanksgiving very thankful


Saturday, December 30, 2017

Pendleton Family Thanksgiving .....

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family the weekend
prior to Thanksgiving. We always get together either the weekend
before or the weekend after so that families are not rushing 
around on Thanksgiving day having to eat 2 or 3 meals!

our niece Aimee and Alex open up their home for the family
and everyone loves it there
As Johnny calls it, it is the "fun home"

here are my 2 little princess'
Avery Grace and Lorraine Leona

so sweet that Aimee had the little table and chairs set up
for the little ones and it had the butcher paper on it for them
to color on. 

everyone pitches in and brings one or two dishes
there is 31 one of us....I think I have that number right. 
We know Momma and Daddy would be so happy that we 
continue to always be together during the holidays

Lorraine and Marshall still busy coloring....

Gabe and Declan watching some football

John Thomas

Lorraine is never too sure about Uncle Jake
and we were laughing so much about how she was looking at him

I wished I had snapped a picture of all of us....holding hands and
our brother Tracy saying the blessing

after eating, I decided to go around and get silly selfies with everyone
such fun
my son Jake....

brother-in-law Xel

and with little sister Kandi 

Xel and Kandi's daughter Alison....who is getting married in May!!

Kandi and Xel's other daughter Gabby

My brother Tracy's daughter Mallory

and his other daughter Abby

great niece Victoria Ray

our daughter Nicole

 our grandson Maddox

sister Vickie

sister-in-law Susan

little sister Kandi....doing her impression of how momma
would always do a selfie!

niece Aimee

daughter Jacquelyn

and with granddaughter Avery Grace

grandson Declan

great nephew Marshall

grandson Gabe

granddaughter Lorraine

Avery and Gabe in the theater room

we had such a great time as always
and now getting together on the 30th for our Christmas together. 
I think I need to try to get more silly selfies and try to get everyone!!


Friday, December 29, 2017

Our dogs .....

People that know us know that we LOVE our dogs
they bring so much joy to our life
and I just like to document them on my blog

They are Teddy Bear dogs....which just means a cross with 
a couple of small breeds. Ours our ShiTzu and Bichon and they
are just about the sweetest dogs you can imagine

We have Bella Boo who is 7 years old. She's also known
as Bellstrum, Belly and Billy Goat. For awhile she was known
as Bella the Bully when Pippa was young but she has 
mellowed out a little. She's still bossy and def in charge 
of our Teddy Bear pack. She's also very, very spoiled by Johnny. She
was just a pup when Johnny had his stroke and he was out of
work for quite some time. So they spent a lot of time together.

here they are laying in our bed as I was working from home while
some work was being done downstairs in the kitchen.

Little Pippa Lou is 6 years old. She is our silly little girl and doesn't want anything to do with the shenanigans of Bella and Khaleesi. She likes to watch 
from the sidelines and jump in and out once in a while when the 
other 2 get to playing rough. She is the most well behaved out of the 3 dogs.
Pippa is just a good girl, very good, never does anything wrong.
here she is after I picked her up from grooming. She loves to ride in the car.
She is also known as PP girl, Smiley and Miss P

here is what i have to deal with as I sit in the den 
working from home. 

Bella Boo

Pippa Lou sitting in Khaleesi's crate

They are a true pack and are always snuggled up together

and here's the baby of the pack, Khaleesi Rue. She is 18 months old
and she has really given us a run! Bella and Pippa were good puppies, once
in a while got a hold of something to tear up but Khaleesi, she is a totally 
different story. So bad that for the first time ever, we had to crate one of
our dogs. And as much as I hated it, she is doing fine. But even as
mischievous as she is, she is one of the sweetest dogs ever.
And now, she freely goes in her crate to rest or take a nap.
She's also known as RueRue, Weesi, and some kind of name
Johnny calls her that I have no idea how to spell...haha

and here's the weird little thing about them....probably 95% of the time
they sleep in birth order. Even when they are all sitting on the staircase
they will be in birth's so weird.

sweet little Pippa serious need of a haircut!

our little fur babies....we love them so