Thursday, February 28, 2013

Breakfast ....

My favorite breakfast on a cold day
is hot oatmeal with honey and a glass of milk
it just warms your bones .... and fills you up!

If I go out for breakfast, I love to get an omelet, grits
and biscuits.

The one thing I don't care to eat is cereal with milk.
I love cereal and I love milk but not together.
soggy cereal....yuck!


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pennies ....

How many of you out there have containers full of pennies
I hope I'm not the only one
we don't usually spend change....either save it for
something specific or save for card games
but not the pennies.....we throw them in a separate container
and those containers are just too full and I
need to roll and cash them in
I always have to go through my pennies too because I like
collecting wheat pennies
I know they are not worth anything but still, I just like them!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dog food ...

I'll just start this post by saying everyone's dogs are different
and every dog owner is different
if you feed your dog commercial dog food, they love it
and have no side effects from it, that's great

I just happen to have made the choice not to do that
with my own dogs. I have a 13 year old Pek-a-Poo, a 2 year old
Teddy Bear and a 1 year old Teddy Bear

My dogs have always ate commercial dog food
but over the years, I cringed whenever I heard of yet another
dog food recall. Or read news of another pet losing their
life because some companies aren't always honest about their products.

I stopped feeding them commercial dog food just over a year
ago because my old girl Chrissy stopped eating. She has always been
a light eater but now she wasn't eating anything. I had to do something
as she was becoming just skin and bones. And after a check up at the vet, she was very healthy, just wouldn't eat. Also, my 2 teddy bears have pink skin so that usually indicates a greater chance of skin allergies. So I researched making their food and took the list to the vet for approval. The vet gave me directions
on things I could add to the list and vitamins I should give them.

So started my journey of cooking for them as if I had little kids
in the house again! I say that because that's how it feels now :)

In the beginning, I could only feed Chrissy and Bella Boo these foods
because Pippa Lou was still a baby and the vet asked that I not
take her off of puppy food until she hit one year old. I will say this....
it's a lot of work sometimes with my busy schedule.
On the nights I have Jazzercise I do not get home until 7:00.
If I do not have food prepared in advance, it's a pain. So those
nights, they usually get scrambled eggs with cheese and some
yogurt on the side. This also happens to be one of their favorites!
They eat  the following.......
ground turkey and chicken


cheese and eggs


sweet potatoes, carrots, string beans, white potatoes, pumpkin

cheerios and rice chex

plain granola

apples, celery, baby carrots


here they are having ground turkey, rice and pumpkin for supper

haha...all full from supper!


I always research before I feed them something new.
they also take a vitamin, all natural
Now Chrissy eats, I have no more issues with any of them
having upset stomachs.....they are very healthy.

I'll be honest, it's not always easy and sometimes I wish I
could just scoop food out of a big bag for them. But then I look at
my old girl Chrissy or I hear of another dog food recall or a pets death
and I'm glad I made the decision I did. They are my fur babies and
bring so much joy to mine and Johnny's life so I just know I'm doing
the right thing for them.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Grandson's nursery ...

My daughter and son-in-law have been working on
their son's nursery this past weekend
Of course the 2 grandma's have been helping too!
They have done it in yellow, gray and white.
And have the bed linens from the Taylor collection
at Pottery Barn for kids.

the curtains are those black out curtains to keep the room dark
they are also from Pottery Barn for kids and the polka dots
match the crib skirt at the bottom
The crib is a gift from Johnny and I

and no worries, that quilt and bumper pads won't be in
the crib when little Declan is sleeping

below is the glider for snuggling and rocking to sleep
I guess I should have cleaned it up before I took the pic! ha...
The glider is a gift from grandpa Buck and Nannie Gail

the little elephant lamp is sitting on a lace doily that
Declan's great-great grandmother made
and the table is from PB for kids and a gift from his great grandmother
and his great Aunt Kandi
The sweet book is from his Aunt Tonya

the changing table is from PB for kids and has the nice wicker
baskets to hold diapers, gowns and such
The wicker baskets and curtains are a gift from our dear family
friend Libby.
Jacquelyn has the basket liners but has not had them
monogramed yet.

Below is his closet and organizer, that's kind of hard to see
it has navy blue pull out baskets that holds shirts, outfits,
toys, shoes, etc....and wow, look at all of the clothes already!

Below is his piggy bank that sits on a glass shelf by the glider
a sweet gift from Kayla, family friend who hosted the baby shower

The framed print is a gift from his grandmother, Bucky's mom

His tool box below is a gift from his Poppy Tom

The blue elephant below is a gift from one of my dear friends Cheryl
her daughter hand sews these precious animals
along with some French baby lotions from his Aunt Tonya

Below is the name sign that his daddy made for looks
so great

The room is not finished....they still have to hang
the fan but it's looking so sweet
I'll have other pics up later
and now we wait....any day now!!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

People in my life ...

I think for Valentines Day it's most
fitting to write about Johnny!
Because Johnny, he's the main person in my life
he brings me love, happiness, joy, laughs, frustration, security
haha.....notice how I threw that frustration in there!!
I think when 2 people have been married as long as we have
you're going to get frustrated with each other once in awhile

Really, my only frustration with Johnny is that he doesn't finish
projects he starts in the house. And I think after almost 34 years
of marriage if that's the only frustration, we're doing pretty dang good!

Because during all of these years, he has filled my life with so much
love and happiness that I can overlook the trim that after 4 years has still not been nailed down!

Johnny brings wonderful things to my life every single day.......
He always fills my car with gas...
he makes sure my coffee is on in the morning.....and lets the dogs out
so I can sleep in.
He doesn't complain that I go to Jazzercise 4 nights a week which leaves
him on his own for dinner
He always makes sure that what we watch on TV is "ok" with me
And when deciding on a restaurant, he always lets me pick!
The little things.....I could go on and on
he's a sweetheart of a husband
And I can't imagine my life without him



Friday, February 1, 2013

People in my life ...

Maddox is our first grandchild
he is 7 years old
and he is a special needs child
He had so many health issues when born and overcame
so much. He went through so many test and medical procedures...poor guy, it  was like a way of life for him. 
 He has been diagnosed with pervasive developmental
delay, a small amount of celebral palsy and severe
speech apraxia.
And he has amazed all of us for the past 7 years.
he has overcome so much and always with the best attitude ever.
I can't believe this child sometimes......I can't believe that
with all he has to deal with, he is rarely without a smile.
He has been in our counties special education program since
he was 3 years old. And you have never met a child who loves school
more. His teachers say when he steps off of that bus every day
with that big Maddox smile, you can't help but instantly be in a good
mood. He's always the class favorite because all he ever wants to
do is help everyone. And get this, he hates school holidays...haha!
Just can't stand to miss school

And this child loves his mother like no other. I used to worry that
our daughter would not hear the words "I love you" from her son.
but when you see the way he looks at her, the way he lights up when she enters a room, the way he hugs her, those are the best "I love yous" that
I have ever seen!
I still, after 7 years, can sit and watch him play and my eyes
fill with tears......tears of joy. This child who can't even speak brings
so much joy and love to our entire family!
We are just so lucky to have him....