Thursday, February 14, 2013

People in my life ...

I think for Valentines Day it's most
fitting to write about Johnny!
Because Johnny, he's the main person in my life
he brings me love, happiness, joy, laughs, frustration, security
haha.....notice how I threw that frustration in there!!
I think when 2 people have been married as long as we have
you're going to get frustrated with each other once in awhile

Really, my only frustration with Johnny is that he doesn't finish
projects he starts in the house. And I think after almost 34 years
of marriage if that's the only frustration, we're doing pretty dang good!

Because during all of these years, he has filled my life with so much
love and happiness that I can overlook the trim that after 4 years has still not been nailed down!

Johnny brings wonderful things to my life every single day.......
He always fills my car with gas...
he makes sure my coffee is on in the morning.....and lets the dogs out
so I can sleep in.
He doesn't complain that I go to Jazzercise 4 nights a week which leaves
him on his own for dinner
He always makes sure that what we watch on TV is "ok" with me
And when deciding on a restaurant, he always lets me pick!
The little things.....I could go on and on
he's a sweetheart of a husband
And I can't imagine my life without him



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LilliGirl said...

I love you two! You do such a wonderful job of providing the best example of love!