Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas eve ...

We had the best Christmas eve

Early in the day Johnny, Jake and I stayed busy putting
the final touches on the new kitchen.

Then it was shower and dress to go over to our brother-in-laws for
an open house. We stayed there from 4 to 5:00
then home to get ready for our family dinner

Besides our kids coming over, we also had Jacquelyn's in laws, Lynne and Tom
and good friends Joe and Melissa

The menu was.....
London Broil
roasted potatoes
fresh lima beans

and a dessert we call "Daddys Dessert"
we call it that because Johnny makes it.....haha!

and here's a few pics from our evening......

Lynne and Melissa helping get dinner ready
Gabe and Maddox showing off their new Christmas eve PJ's

Jacquelyn and Melissa waiting to open presents!

and here's Joe and Lynne watching the very
pathetic Dallas game!!

haha....I'm just now noticing how serious we all
look as we load up our dinner plates!

this is "Daddy Dessert"
it has vanilla nabisco cookies, vanilla pudding, butter pecan ice cream,
cool whip, heath candy bars
and it is sooooo wonderful

I think now I need a bigger den!!

here's Jake trying out his new air popcorn popper!

after dinner and presents, we played cards until about midnight!

we sure had a good time.....


Friday, December 30, 2011

Big Table ...

One of my goals when re-modeling the kitchen
was to be able to seat a lot of people at the table
there are 10 of us
and here's my table getting ready to be
set for breakfast Christmas morning


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Early Christmas ...

We always have Christmas with my family early so that
Christmas day isn't so hectic for everyone

this year everyone had crazy schedules so we had to get together
early on the 17th....for breakfast!

we quit buying gifts for each other a long time ago and started
doing the crazy gift exchange!

My sister has a really big house with a full basement and since
there are 27 of us plus a few friends that come, it's the perfect place
for us to get together!

it's fun and lots of laughs

you know how people always stick their tonques out for pictures...
haha......well check out my mom...she's always in style
here's her and Johnny eating breakfast

here's Nicole and Maddox enjoying their breakfast

Maddox opening a present.....

Looks like Jake likes his gift......but will he get to keep it?? haha...

here's Mallory and Matt explaining to Memaw the correct

way to pronounce was funny but guess you had to
be there!

We really laugh a lot when we're all together
such fun!
It might have been early but it was still lots of fun!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chocolate cake ....

One of my many memories of Christmas as a child was
the chocolate cake with fudge icing that my mom always made
I don't remember leaving cookies for Santa....we left
him chocolate cake!

and if we were really lucky, mom let us have a slice while it
was still warm from the oven with the sugary fudge icing.

So this year I decided to make one for our family

But I forgot to buy shortening and instead used butter ....
which is not a good substitute in some recipes!

because this cake just fell apart
really.......fell totally apart!

In all of my years of baking I have never had this happen....or at
least I don't remember this happening! haha....


Monday, December 26, 2011

Kitchen re-model ... part 22

they finished enough so that we could use our kitchen
during the Christmas holiday
we still have some trim work to do
and still need to paint
but I have asked the contractor to please wait until
I go back to work on Jan 3rd.

We also did not pick out a backsplash for 2 reasons...
one...there's too many to choose from!
and two....I just really needed to see it all together before I
could make a decision

so here's some pics.....and I guess it will be
a few weeks before I can show the final pictures

here's the hutch....keep in mind, we still have to
paint the walls and trim

that looks really bad because when they tore the
old chair rail out, it took sheet rock with it!
we will be putting up new chair rail


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kitchen re-model ... part 21

I thought we were going to be done today but no go
I guess tomorrow
It is 9:00 pm and the electrician is still here working
I think they may be afraid I'll have a breakdown if they don't hurry up!!

the plumber needs to do a couple of things tomorrow
the cleaning person is coming in the morning
then I'll start moving things back in to the kitchen
we still have to get the crown molding on the hutch installed
still need to paint
and some trim along the floor......

but we're just about there and it's so beautiful it just
makes me want to cry!!!

awww .... my big beautiful sink!

we will not be painting until after Christmas
the window trim will be painted white


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kitchen re-model ... part 20

I have been getting pretty stressed out over the kitchen
I just want it finished for Christmas
And I don't like the pace the contractor is taking

today he finally admitted that he is disappointed in the electrician/plumber
he is using because he is not very dependable.
that's an understatement!

don't get me wrong......he is doing excellent work but at
a snails pace!
so today he told Johnny that he promises the electrical and plumbing
will be all finished by end of day Friday

and to make up for my stress, he is hiring a housekeeper to
clean my house! yay on that one!

the granite came today and I am soooo in love!!!

this is the little sink on the island or as I refer to it the "Jacquelyn sink"

we have not put the new frig in there yet

this is looking in from the dining can see the crown
molding going up and the new arch that has now been sanded down

and this is looking straight in from the dining room
the window trim you see will be painted white
but it will be after Christmas before we can paint

and this shows the open cabinet shelf for the microwave

so there ya's coming along
let's keep fingers crossed we have Christmas eve
dinner in the new kitchen!!


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kitchen re-model ... part 19

we're getting close
the floor is down now
on Monday and Tuesday they will finish up the
electrical and plumbing
the granite goes in on Wed
they sand, stain and poly the floors starting Thursday
here's a few pics......I think
the arch turned out beautiful....though they still
need to sand it some

all day today I just kept more week, one more week!


Monday, December 5, 2011

Kitchen re-model ... part 18

here's the lineup for the rest of the work

  • Electrical work started on Friday and will resume on Monday
  • Sheetrock work should start on Tuesday
  • Wood floor installed on Wed. We'll wait on having it stained and finished as the granite is due to arrive on either the 9th or the 12th.
  • then they will finish the floors and we'll have a good week for them to dry
I just hope we can stay on schedule and not stray too much
I am on vacation the last 2 weeks of December and would like
to use that week before to get the house back in order

looks like we might have to wait until after Christmas to
have the kitchen/dining room painted


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kitchen re-model ... part 16

The support beam for the load bearing wall that we removed
was installed on Tuesday
then they could finally take out the studs that were left
the pic below is looking from the kitchen into the dining room
it shows the support beam......and no more wall

and this is looking from the dining room into the kitchen

more that's good


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Kitchen re-model ... part 17

This is how you live when your kitchen is
under construction....

I know, it's not pretty


Kitchen re-model ... part 15

I know the re-model takes awhile but
the mess, having no kitchen....well, it does start getting to you

I told Johnny I just need some Christmas in my life
so when I came home from work the other day
this is what I came in to....

so sweet


Friday, December 2, 2011

Kitchen re-model ... part 14

We're making progress

the cabinets arrived and filled the kitchen.......all 28 boxes!

the cabinet guy worked all of Thanksgiving weekend
installing the cabinets
and wow, they started looking so good

he finished up on Sunday with the crown molding and the hardware
and wow...that's like the tiara for the cabinets!!

we were missing the crown molding for the hutch so
need to get that ordered