Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas eve ...

We had the best Christmas eve

Early in the day Johnny, Jake and I stayed busy putting
the final touches on the new kitchen.

Then it was shower and dress to go over to our brother-in-laws for
an open house. We stayed there from 4 to 5:00
then home to get ready for our family dinner

Besides our kids coming over, we also had Jacquelyn's in laws, Lynne and Tom
and good friends Joe and Melissa

The menu was.....
London Broil
roasted potatoes
fresh lima beans

and a dessert we call "Daddys Dessert"
we call it that because Johnny makes it.....haha!

and here's a few pics from our evening......

Lynne and Melissa helping get dinner ready
Gabe and Maddox showing off their new Christmas eve PJ's

Jacquelyn and Melissa waiting to open presents!

and here's Joe and Lynne watching the very
pathetic Dallas game!!

haha....I'm just now noticing how serious we all
look as we load up our dinner plates!

this is "Daddy Dessert"
it has vanilla nabisco cookies, vanilla pudding, butter pecan ice cream,
cool whip, heath candy bars
and it is sooooo wonderful

I think now I need a bigger den!!

here's Jake trying out his new air popcorn popper!

after dinner and presents, we played cards until about midnight!

we sure had a good time.....


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