Sunday, June 30, 2013

Chesapeake Bay ....

Before Johnny's party we all went down to the
Chesapeake Bay.......our family Tommy and Joanne have a place
right on the bay, so very nice.
and really nice that they invite us all down to hang out with them.
Look at us silly gals all happy to be there!!

view of Tommy and Joanne's place from their dock

An osprey nest right near their dock
it had one baby in it. It's always fun
to watch the osprey bringing fish to the baby

Their dog Sadie loves swimming in the pool

We play a lot of corn hole while down much fun

you can see the bay from their pool.....doesn't get much better than this!!
Johnny and his sisters.......he's always so happy when he gets to
spend time with them. With living so far away, it's not that often

Tommy and Joanne

They surprised Johnny with a birthday cake
that was so sweet of them!

Sherry caught a stripped bass but had to throw it back
there's a length restriction on what you can keep and this one
was not quite big enough

here's the gang getting ready to head back to Richmond
for Johnny's birthday party

I'll have some more pictures up tomorrow

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Last set of pictures ....

here is the last set of pictures from Johnny's
birthday party
Thank you Sherry for taking so many pictures for me
I did not even pick up my weird is that!!

My little sister Kandi and her husband Xel

here's Johnny doing his little dance

Maddox really thought granddaddy was funny dancing!

time for cake!!

Maddox is so handsome! I wish I had
some pictures of Tyler's son Gabe to put up but
every picture Sherry tried to take of him, he covered his face

Declan biting on my shoulder!

Our very dear friend Libby. I've always called her the Delaney's rock
and wow wee....during Johnny's stroke, she was my rock!!
we all love Libby so much

all of these gals below are so much fun!!!!

Jake and Tyler....both so handsome!

that's it .... hope you enjoyed the pictures from the party


Friday, June 28, 2013

More pictures from party ....

Picture overload from
Johnny's birthday party
our darling grandson Maddox...
our newest grandson Declan....3 months old
and just so precious!

Shay, Millie and Dee

How many Delaney's does it take to open
a bottle of wine....haha! just kidding...

Cousins Nicole and Christy

Our nephew and his family
look at that little one Jeremy leaning his head on
his daddy.....I think he is showing some
daddy love there!!

Time to eat!!
the 2 on the left, Mallory and Matt are just back
from their honeymoon in Jamaica

more eating outside......

Tyler and our son-in-law Bucky

The 2 newest mommies

knowing how Johnny is when his sister Dee is around,
there was probably a joke being told at this time!

More pictures tomorrow

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Johnny turned 60 ....

On June 22nd my hubby Johnny
turned 60! And what is special about that is
2 years ago he had a stroke. So every birthday, every year....
is EXTRA special to all of us!!
Johnny's sisters came up from Georgia and Texas
And we had friends and family over to celebrate his day!!
here's a few pics....

family starting to arrive.....

our daughter Nicole and her guy Tyler

Johnny's sister Dee and her partner Sherry

Our daughter Jacquelyn, the new mommy

Johnny and his sisters Shay and Dee

Our son Jake

My hubby and our lucky am I

My daughter Jacquelyn's father-in-law Tom
Tom smoked 40 lbs of pork for us to enjoy some wonderful
pulled pork!

My beautiful mom! Long time readers and family know the
health issues she has had over the past few years.
my goodness.....doesn't she look fabulous now!!

our precious new grandson Declan Liam
(getting a diaper change but I just thought that
look was too precious not to post)

Me and my babe!! Love this man!

Lots more pictures to come tomorrow....
photo credit on all of these go to Sherry!!!


Monday, June 10, 2013

Memorial Weekend ....

Almost every single year Johnny and I go to the beach for
Memorial Weekend. But due to some work projects for Johnny
he was unable to take time off
So instead, we had a cookout with the kids, which is always fun!
Hanging out, watching the little ones play, cooking,
playing corn hole....just a good way to spend time together

Auntie Nicole kissing on Declan

omgosh....if we don't watch Bella Boo and Pippa Lou, they will jump
on a table in a heartbeat!! haha