Saturday, June 29, 2013

Last set of pictures ....

here is the last set of pictures from Johnny's
birthday party
Thank you Sherry for taking so many pictures for me
I did not even pick up my weird is that!!

My little sister Kandi and her husband Xel

here's Johnny doing his little dance

Maddox really thought granddaddy was funny dancing!

time for cake!!

Maddox is so handsome! I wish I had
some pictures of Tyler's son Gabe to put up but
every picture Sherry tried to take of him, he covered his face

Declan biting on my shoulder!

Our very dear friend Libby. I've always called her the Delaney's rock
and wow wee....during Johnny's stroke, she was my rock!!
we all love Libby so much

all of these gals below are so much fun!!!!

Jake and Tyler....both so handsome!

that's it .... hope you enjoyed the pictures from the party


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