Friday, June 7, 2013

Fireplace makeover ...

We re-modeled our kitchen a year and a half ago
our kitchen was very outdated and now it's more in style with
the current times
But our family room was still stuck in the 90's......stained wainscoating
stained trim work, stained book shelves, red brick fireplace
so it definetly needed updating!
I searched the internet and Pinterest so much
and found lots of ideas. I started saving pictures and then finally
was able from there to narrow it down to what I wanted
A friend of mine's dad is a cabinet maker so we hired him to
build our custom cabinets and shelves. All I did was email a picture
to him and wow,  he built them exactly how we wanted.
Then we had to hire a guy to install the marble tile
around the fireplace.
below are the pictures from start to finish....
 I couldn't find a good before picture but here's the shelves as we
were emptying them so that Johnny could tear them out
as you can see, stained shelving and no back to the shelves

red brick and a stained mantle...

all of the shelving torn out
then Frank came over and started installing the cabinets and shelves he had made. We brought the lower cabinet out even with the hearth. I wanted to have plenty of closed shelving for movies and photo books. And I also wanted to have the brick hearth boxed in with trim and the marble tiled on top

See Chrissy.......she was always hanging out with Frank
keeping him company

they had to put some kind of filling in the grout grooves on the brick so that the marble would hold and not have any air pockets

and here it beautiful
the picture frame molding will be where I plan on hanging a family
picture that I'm hoping to have done soon.
So the mantle will have a different look once I get the picture made
But I think it turned out beautiful.
the only thing left for the den makeover is to have the crown molding installed
and I would like to get some new pillows for the sofa
then that room is done!!

you can see here where they took the tile slightly inside of the
fireplace, still covering up the old red brick
and this picture shows how we covered the hearth
you can see how the base cabinets come out even with the old hearth
and then Frank ran the trim all the way across
Then the tile guy just covered with the marble tile

that's it.....I think it turned out pretty good
It really changed the feel of the room, very cozy

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