Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Daddy turned 80 ...

On May 31st my Daddy turned 80 years old
so amazing....especially after all of his health issues
the past 2 years!
and of course, as I have stated before, he's the best daddy
in the world!!
and to think, I'm only 23 years away from turning 80 myself!
ohh, let's just not think about that!!
Dad thought he was going out to dinner with
Mom and their neighbor Bryant
but instead, he walked into the restaurant and we all
yelled SURPRISE!!
you can tell in the first picture he wasn't quite sure what
was going on....

but then he realized it was all of his kids, grandkids
and great grandkids! And for my Daddy, there's no better
way to spend your birthday than with all of his kids!

we had dinner, cake, talked, laughed and had fun
plus lots of excitement as my niece Mallory is
getting married THIS SATURDAY!!

My niece Alison is one of the bridesmaids and look
at her ... on crutches a week before the wedding!!

She goes to the ortho dr on Wed so hopefully,
she'll be better soon. It would be a shame to not be able
to dance at the wedding!

and baby Declan was there.....
last weekend he was at his great grandmothers 80th birthday
party on his daddy's side of the family
and now his great grandfathers 80th!

below is Maddox and Gabe.....I wanted to take their picture
together but Gabe wasn't really wanting to do that
haha....look at Maddox. He has his hands on his hips
as if to say "well, why not"

But when Nicole suggested they make funny faces for me
they were more than willing........

and if you're wondering why all of my pictures are in black and white
well, here's why.......they were really, really bad
the lighting was terrible and nothing I did in photoshop could fix it
plus they are not very in focus. I think I'm in dire need of camera
and lens cleaning. So I just went with b&w and softened them up a little


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