Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New parents ...

I've been meaning to write this post for a while now
I've mentioned before how proud Johnny and I are of the
mother that Nicole has become to our grandson Maddox.
Being the mother to a special needs child is not easy at all
but Nicole has become a much stronger person through
all of this and has become Maddox's
most fierce advocate! We are very proud of her!

Now we are so proud of our second daughter and son-in-law!
To be honest, I'm pretty much in awe of the mommy and daddy
they have become. Not that I didn't think they wouldn't be
great parents but
Jacquelyn just didn't have a lot of interest in babies. She was not
one of these teens that baby sat or wanted to hold babies. She liked them and thought they were cute but that was about it.
She had never even changed a diaper until Declan was born!
and now, it's like she is an old pro! She is doing absolutely
everything that is right for Declan. They even take the
temperature of his bath water! ha....I never did that.

they give this baby so much love that when I witness this
it brings tears to my eyes. In just the short 3 months that
Declan has been here, she has become the best mother!
Putting Declan first before anything, caring for him, clothing him,
smothering him in love and kisses. You can just tell that
everything changed.......they are a family of 3 now that is now
so focused on caring for Declan.

I should have known because of how well she took care of
herself while pregnant. Giving up coffee, chocolate, most processed, I'll admit, I was very impressed!
Then, even in delivery, she only did
what was right for Declan. She never gave herself any thought.
She always only wanted what was best for him even though
it was causing her so much discomfort.
And our son-in-law Bucky, we couldn't be more proud. He's not one of these new dad's who is smitten but doesn't lend a hand. Bucky is an equal partner with Jacquelyn in caring for Declan.
He does as much as he can in Declan's care. He changes his diapers, bath time is his
duty every night ... we are so proud of him!
And now watching her and Bucky, it just fills our hearts
with so much love, joy and pride.

yep....this is def our reward for all of those years
of raising our own kids....watching our children raise
their babies....what joy!!

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