Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sucking on blogging.....

I have been so slack, pretty much all year on blogging

here are some things I need to remember to blog about
maybe while on vacation I can catch up

**Myrtle Beach with our great friends Jerry and Glenda
**Johnny and his eyes! haha
**my terrible experience with nail salons
**Our daughter and son-in-law purchasing their first home
**how this year has been one hell of an emotional year
**Planning retirement
**37 years with the love of my life
**Pippa Lou turned 5 years old
**Bella Boo will turn 6 years old on July 28th 
**my thoughts on Game of Thrones
**a snake....seriously, I have to document when I see one
**22 drafts of post I have written...going all the way back to 2007!


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Fitbit ...

I love / hate my Fitbit!
I've been wearing Fitbit for a long time
Johnny gave me a new one this past Christmas
one that tracks more things plus you can read your results
on the band itself vs always having to go to the app or web site.
So that's really nice

But I have not worn my Fitbit since June 7th and today 
is June 28th!

here is my hate.....

  • I have a permanent dent in my wrist. After not wearing it for 21 days, the dent is still there
  • I become a little too obsessive about how many steps I get in. It really annoys me if I don't get in my 10k steps each day
  • Now have become obsessed with my resting heart rate AND my heart rate while exercising
  • I get very aggravated with the Fitbit taking forever to synch with the phone app
  • and lastly......why can't battery life be longer!! 

and here is what I love.......

  • I love that I have become obsessed with my steps. I'm not getting any younger and I need to keep moving so I think that is actually a good thing.
  • love that I can see how many calories I burn as I sweat my butt off in Jazzercise. Even though I know it's not 100% accurate, it's close enough for me.
  • I guess being aware of my resting and exercising heart rate is a good thing. Even though I know it's not 100% accurate like the calories it still could alarm me to a problem. (ie: the getting old part)
  • I really love the tracking my sleep feature. Not that it gets me any more sleep but when I'm really tired, I can look at my app and see that I only slept 5.5 hours......there's the problem! haha
So I guess some of the things that annoy me are actually things I do love
about the Fitbit. I guess like everything else, being aware
of your physical activity overrides the annoying things!

Now if they could just make that battery life a little longer!


Thursday, June 2, 2016

Blog anniversary ....

today is my blogs anniversary
my very first post was on
June 2, 2007

I have written 1,246 blog post!

I talk about the beach a lot, my family, new things I buy,
new recipes I try, exercise, my home
just my life

I've grown older

and I think I'll just keep on posting


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Nature just kills me ....

I really love animals
I love the birds in the spring and I always feed them
even the dang squirrels, for them I buy a big bag of corn on the cob
and I have a feeder that the cob fits in
They are just fun to watch

We have a lot of the little yellow finches and the gray,
black and white finches. And the cardinals, they are my favorite
this past winter we had some snow and I had filled the feeder
with the seeds that the cardinals love and wow I had
about 25 cardinals out back, male and female.
their brilliant red against the snow was beautiful

I had to stop putting a wreath on the front door in
the spring as the birds would always build a nest
and then it would just worry me so badly that they 
wouldn't survive or a dang snake would crawl up my
front door to get the eggs.....arghh! 
if that happened, I would have to move

back a few years ago a baby robin fell out of the nest
and we couldn't not get to the nest. The momma robin was around
so we put the baby in a shoe box hoping she would feed it
but she didn' we did! We researched what to feed it
and you have to do it all day long.
we were taking vacation days as we had family here from
out of town. So everyone pitched in taking care of the baby
eventually it was able to fly and the momma bird returned
so that turned out well

And now again, a whole nest fell out of the tall pine tree
3 babies and one egg unhatched.
the babies are older though because they are covered in feathers
and you know I have to take care of them
I just don't have it in me to ignore them and let them die
so we put them in a box with some papers
I put seed in there for the momma bird
and she has been bringing them food every day, all day long
it has been 3 days now, they are getting bigger and stronger
and momma bird is still feeding them all day

now here is the most sad part....poor little Pippa Lou wants
to be their mother! (remember the Dr Suess book, Are you
my Mother) one of the birds fell out of the box and sweet little
Pippa Lou stood guard over it until Johnny came outside and saw
what was going on. Johnny put him back in the box. We can't
leave her outside even though we have the box up high
she just wants to stand guard and it scares momma bird.

that's it for now