Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sucking on blogging.....

I have been so slack, pretty much all year on blogging

here are some things I need to remember to blog about
maybe while on vacation I can catch up

**Myrtle Beach with our great friends Jerry and Glenda
**Johnny and his eyes! haha
**my terrible experience with nail salons
**Our daughter and son-in-law purchasing their first home
**how this year has been one hell of an emotional year
**Planning retirement
**37 years with the love of my life
**Pippa Lou turned 5 years old
**Bella Boo will turn 6 years old on July 28th 
**my thoughts on Game of Thrones
**a snake....seriously, I have to document when I see one
**22 drafts of post I have written...going all the way back to 2007!


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