Thursday, April 30, 2009

There is good.......

and there is bad..........
first, the good
yummy homemade lemonade
I fill my drink dispenser with slices of lemons and limes, add some sugar and then fill up with ice.

Right before the kids come over, I add spring water.

it is just so good!!

and we had temps in the 90's over the weekend so the lemonade was great!

Our weather has been awesome except for the mounds of pollen every where!

Vacation coming up in another week

Maddox is getting used to him and his mommy not living with grandma and grandpa!

sleeping in his bed.....some nights.

My peonies are covered in are my rose bushes!

The lily of the valley is opening up now in the garden.

and now the bad..........

my poor Jacquelyn was laid off of her job on Monday

and only given one weeks notice

which really, couldn't they have been a little more human and given 2 or 3 weeks notice or at least some severance pay!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Jamie......

I miss you Jamie.....

Jamie Delaney Evans passed away 3 years ago from a brain tumor.......and in her words, "a stupid one" she would have turned 54 years old.
She is my husband's baby sister, my sister-in-law.....but more than that, she was my best friend!
She was my "go to" know the one, the one person on earth that you always called no matter what.......if you were upset, if you were thrilled, if you were mad, if you had gossip, if you needed to cry. She was that person.......I always, let me repeat, ALWAYS had fun when I was with Jamie. No matter what, we always ended up laughing. I knew I could count on her no matter what.

And I miss her as much today as I did 3 years ago. And no one has been able to take her place so there is that void in my life and I guess there always will be......

I miss you Jamie.......


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Snow is gone......

so I think it's probably time for a new picture!

Upper 80's this weekend.....maybe even 91 on Saturday!

So I will def get out and get some pictures.


Monday, April 20, 2009


I really have nothing good to blog about.
it was a very, very busy weekend

Saturday went to the gym, cleaned a little around the house, went to Jacquelyn's to help with her flower bed, went to Nicole's to help with unpacking, went back to Jacquelyn's to help with the mulch....went home, took shower, went out to eat with Jacquelyn & Bucky, went to Target......dropped in the bed!!

Sunday cut the front yard grass, cleaned up some in the garage, shower and then cooked dinner and all the kids came over.

what's missing from above........well, that would be the Johnny boy! He worked double shifts on Sat and Sunday. It will be nice to see him this evening.....


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Always remember..........

the 32 lives lost 2 years ago today on the Virginia Tech campus.

prayers to all...........

Monday, April 13, 2009

Say Happy Birthday.......

to my middle daughter Jacquelyn!

she turned 22 years old today....really? where DID the time go.

Seems like just yesterday she was that little runt of a baby. So teeny tiny....with that beautiful blonde hair. The nurses in the hospital nicknamed her the Blonde Bombshell.


  • loved candy
  • was scared to sleep in her room for years
  • loved cheering
  • collected angels
  • very competitive
  • hard to argue with....she made too much sense!
  • is a vegetarian since age 8
  • loved the movie ET
  • not much into toys
  • was an awesome swimmer
  • made excellent grades in school
  • made all of the right decisions
  • made her dad and I very proud

And now she is..........

  • dedicated to her family
  • dedicated to her boyfriend
  • dedicated to her doggies.....they are her babies
  • dedicated to her job
  • dedicated to her bowling
  • dedicated to her work outs
  • dedicated to being the best person she can be

and her dad and I are so very proud of her

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jacquelyn Diane!!


Green people......

yesterday I went by the drugstore

as I was paying for my merchandise, I handed the fellow my canvas tote bag to put my stuff in

and he said......

"oh, you're one of those green people"


Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm in love.....with a capital L

with my new lens!

I'm still playing around with...trying to learn
here are some shots straight out of the camera, no photoshop play


Monday, April 6, 2009


That's the word we kept hearing in Baltimore yesterday.....significant.

My middle daughter, Jacquelyn, has had 3 surgeries on her left ankle and one on her right ankle. She has a condition called osteochondritis or something to that spelling. There are docs who believe you are born with this condition and there are docs who believe you develop this from doing repetitive motion. So it's a weakness in the bones and the repetitive motion just weakens it more.

Jacquelyn started at a very young age doing competitive all star cheering. She competed all along the East Coast and was a flyer. Which meant she hit the floor a lot......landing on those precious little ankles. And it wore them down.

She had her first surgery here in Richmond and it did no good at all. She was seen by lots of ortho docs in Richmond but none could help her. They sent her to Baltimore to Dr. Myerson who is an expert in ankles. He works on pro a matter of fact, he is the one who operated on TO right before the Super Bowl. Anyway, he's good......and we were very lucky to get him. He has rebuilt Jacquelyn's ankles, created new arches in both of her feet and stretched her Achilles tendons.

She is having some problems with walking.....after awhile, her ankle hurts and it swells so we trucked on up to Baltimore yesterday to see Dr.M.

and he said there's a problem......and it's significant. So they are going to have to transplant some cartilage into that left ankle. She doesn't want to do it until bowling season is finished.......which is just a few more weeks.

Once that is done, she will then be placed on the transplant wait list as this will be a "live" transplant (live cells)
and then she'll be on 24/7 standby for surgery.
hopefully, this will take care of the problem
cuz you know.....she may be 21 years old but those are still precious little ankles to me!


Friday, April 3, 2009

Blurry love.....

just playing around with the new lens.....


Thursday, April 2, 2009


my new 50mm af f1.4 lens has come in

Nikon released it in December

we ordered it in December

and has FINALLY come in!!



Feeling much better.......

these 2 things have been my best friends while sick
I have probably drank 50 things of water
and Chrissy girl has been by my side the whole time

I am so much better today
Still working from home but will go into the office tomorrow...yeah!

whatever it is I had, sure kicked my butt. Throat, nose, ears....all yuck but the body aches, the worst I have ever had.