Monday, April 6, 2009


That's the word we kept hearing in Baltimore yesterday.....significant.

My middle daughter, Jacquelyn, has had 3 surgeries on her left ankle and one on her right ankle. She has a condition called osteochondritis or something to that spelling. There are docs who believe you are born with this condition and there are docs who believe you develop this from doing repetitive motion. So it's a weakness in the bones and the repetitive motion just weakens it more.

Jacquelyn started at a very young age doing competitive all star cheering. She competed all along the East Coast and was a flyer. Which meant she hit the floor a lot......landing on those precious little ankles. And it wore them down.

She had her first surgery here in Richmond and it did no good at all. She was seen by lots of ortho docs in Richmond but none could help her. They sent her to Baltimore to Dr. Myerson who is an expert in ankles. He works on pro a matter of fact, he is the one who operated on TO right before the Super Bowl. Anyway, he's good......and we were very lucky to get him. He has rebuilt Jacquelyn's ankles, created new arches in both of her feet and stretched her Achilles tendons.

She is having some problems with walking.....after awhile, her ankle hurts and it swells so we trucked on up to Baltimore yesterday to see Dr.M.

and he said there's a problem......and it's significant. So they are going to have to transplant some cartilage into that left ankle. She doesn't want to do it until bowling season is finished.......which is just a few more weeks.

Once that is done, she will then be placed on the transplant wait list as this will be a "live" transplant (live cells)
and then she'll be on 24/7 standby for surgery.
hopefully, this will take care of the problem
cuz you know.....she may be 21 years old but those are still precious little ankles to me!



Carrie said...

Oh I hope everything works out!

LilliGirl said...

I'm SOOO sorry she's going down this road again. It sucks, but I hope it's better and less painful than the transplant!

Christine said...

Healing prayers your way. I hope you keep us posted on this. Why is it that all the really active kids have these things?

I am here with your early Easter hug...with everyone coming home I have a ton to do, but wanted to swing by and wish a wonderful Easter!

Connie said... sorry to hear she is having to go through this at such a young age. She will be in my prayers for her surgery as soon as she is able. Thanks for your kind comments on my son's move to Colorado. Hang in there...and love the new lens pics. I got a new 50mm lens too recently and need to play with it too. Wish we lived closer we could go take classes or play with our cameras together! :) Connie

traci said...

that is too bad. she's so young. just know that she is in my prayers.