Sunday, November 30, 2008

here's a pic of my Target snowmen.....I just love them

and a pic of the foyer table

a pic of the dining room

pic of the window in the den

all of the decorations out....Nicole said it looked like Christmas threw up!


Saturday, November 29, 2008

A long weekend.....

This has been the best weekend in so long....
My Johnny is a workaholic and because of his hospital stay, he's been home!
and it's been great to spend some good time with him.

He's returning to work on Monday...

We are almost finished with our Christmas decorating.
I'm going to post pictures soon of each room.
I go a little kids might would say I'm a freak but I just love my decorations.

almost done......


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving.....

We had a wonderful, Dallas winning and wonderful food.

and now......the decorating begins!!
I had Jake and his friend Tony take my Christmas trees down because Johnny can' know, with his back.

I love decorating for Christmas. I keep ideas swirling through my head all of the time and then I just love pulling everything out and putting my ideas into place.

And we'll go do some shopping tomorrow. Though we are not the kind who get up at 4:00am to shop! Nope.....we wait until the crowds die down and then head out. We're going to Costco and Best Buy. Not sure where else.....

A lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving......Johnny home from the hospital and doing well, our family, our jobs, our home....God in our hearts. This is tough times for a lot of people...I am thankful that right now, we are doing 401k is another story though!

A few can see my kitchen is all painted now but very, very plain looking. I've bought my fabric..hopefully will sew my curtains this week. I've framed a few of my photos but haven't hung them yet...I'll get it done soon.

I'm tired.....did a whole lot of cooking and it has worn out this woman!!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Joy, joy......

Johnny is home!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow

I start cooking this evening

all is right with the least my world!


Monday, November 24, 2008

Maybe tomorrow........

Just maybe Johnny will get to come home.

3 things..........

1. If he shows enough improvement for the hospital to release him, then he will come home. And then next week, get another steroid injection.

2. If he shows enough improvement for the hospital to release him, but doesn't show much improvement through next week, then they will do the surgery on the disk.

3. If he doesn't show enough improvement to be released form the hospital, then they will do the surgery this Wed.

so there it is........let's hope he's hopping and skipping down the hallways tomorrow! Or at least taking a few baby steps.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just sitting in the .........

hospital room with Johnny watching the Dallas Cowboys!

he's still no better.
they are going to do a CAT scan today
they are also going to move him over to the spine center today

I WANT JOHNNY TO COME HOME........damn it!


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wah wah wah.......

Johnny's still not home!
and he's no better
Still cannot sit up or walk

maybe tomorrow things will change
pray hard tonight that Johnny improves enough to come home


Friday, November 21, 2008

This sucks....

Johnny did not get to come home today.
Apparently, that injection doesn't always work on everyone.
And sometimes it can takes days to work.

They had physical therapy come in and try to get him up but no go.
He still can't sit or walk....same as yesterday.

He's frustrated and that makes me sad.
I hope tomorrow is better.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fun at the ER.......

I have been sitting in the ER with Johnny boy from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm today. Yes, that was am to pm........isn't that the way it always is in an ER!

anyway, Johnny hurt his back a while back but wouldn't go to the doctor's because, well, because he's a man and he's Johnny.

so for the past 2 wks, it has just been getting worse and this morning he couldn't move. I mean really, he couldn't move! Could not get out of bed and there was no way I could get him to the doc's so I had to call the rescue squad to get him and take him to the ER.

and I felt really bad for him because he was in major it was taking his breath away pain. And I'm just not used to seeing my Johnny like this.

So, it's a slipped disc and it's pinching that big nerve that runs down your leg. They admitted him to the hospital and tomorrow will be giving him an injection in his spine......ughh. And then he can come home....and hopefully rest and be better.

I'm lost without my Johnny.....we've been together 30 years and I'm just lost without him here with me.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh my......

nerves on end last night BUT............THE COWBOYS came through!

and Marion Barber, well, he's my hero now!!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

20 minutes and counting........

Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins......

my stomach is in knots.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just doing my part......

Did some shopping today......fueling the economy!

I'm finished with Maddox's shopping.

My son Jake stood me up today......we were supposed to shop but it didn't happen.

I finally found fabric for the curtains for the kitchen.

I'll be working on those this week.

A bit nervous about the Cowboys / Redskin game tomorrow......


Friday, November 14, 2008

Nicole and Maddox.....

have their own blog now

go visit them

leave a know how it always makes you smile when someone leaves a comment. It's like getting a letter from a friend...almost!

so go visit......and enjoy!


Thursday, November 13, 2008


I am so tired of painting.
And I still have so much to do.
see that shows the cloud of dust that settled on my kitchen after I used the power sander on the walls.
The mess wasn't fun to clean up.
The power sander was fun to use though!
Hopefully I will be done soon and can post some pics


Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday night......

Carpe Diem........Happy Birthday to the Marines!

And tomorrow is Veterens which we are so grateful to all of our servicemen.'s a holiday for us!

So I'm off tomorrow and everyone else in my house has to work.....can I get a big ole woo hoo on that one!!


Friday, November 7, 2008

Bowling anyone?

Jacquelyn and her boyfriend Bucky love bowling.
they bowl on 3 different leagues during the winter
and tonight Bucky bowled a 300 game........a perfect game, near impossible, a strike in every single frame.
Jacquelyn said even after they were done, he was still nervous and a little pale.
way to go Bucky!!


This weekend....

The leaves are the most beautiful around here that I have seen in a long time. But it's been overcast every day this week and I want so badly to get outside and get some good pictures. I'm going to attempt tomorrow........hope for the sun!

also tomorrow we are going to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra. This will be our 3rd year of seeing them and we are very excited. And as in the past, we will have our pre show appetizers......all of the kids and a couple of friends coming over. I'm fixing.......meatballs, deli tray, cheese tray, veggie tray, brushetta and creme puffs. yum yum.....

It's been pretty interesting reading all of the blogs on thoughts of the new president. A lot of different views.......I was not a supporter of Obama but now that he is our president elect, as an American, I will support our new president. I offer up prayers that he will be able to help our economy and unite our country. I don't like a lot of his ideas but the country has spoken. So let's all stand behind him.

I'm's been one heck of a week at work.


I'm so thankful........

I meant to do the thing where you post each day what you are thankful for during the month of November........but got too busy and forgot! BUT.....I do not ever forget what I am thankful for so I'll just list no particular order...just as they popped in my head!

1. God and all that he means
2. Johnny boy
3. My kids
4. My family
5. Maddox
6. My home
7. My job
8. Living in Virginia
9. Being an American
10. coffee
11. Sweet fresh basil
12. brushetta
13. The upcoming holidays
14. A good book
15. A quiet day at home
16. Annual bonuses!
17. vacation
18. good friends
19. My camera
20. All 4 seasons
21. a steady rain when I don't have to work
22. family celebrations
23. Football
24. All the kids home on Sundays for dinner!
25. the sight and smell of the ocean
26. OBX and that it's only 3 hours away!
27. warm Ugg boots
28. flip flops
29. very cold beer on a hot summer day
30. good cooking

and I'm just going to stop right there because I could go on and on forever. I am grateful for my life and everything about it. I feel so fortunate to have the close family, love and all of the things that go with that.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween 2008.....

our little guy Maddox was Tony Romo
he was not very happy about getting all of this on as I think he just wanted his routine......supper, bath and bed
but once he found out it involved going outside, he was all good
and come home and eat candy! He loved it


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I voted.....

did you?


Election Day.....

I got up this morning 40 min early, got ready for work.......arrived @ the polls @ 6:20 am and could not find a parking spot. Could not even get into the parking lot to look for one......and no where along the road to park. Actually, it was getting into a pretty serious situation with cars all sticking out in the road.

So I left.

And arrived @ work at 6:40 am!
and it's spooky here in the office this early.

So I will leave around 2:00.....go vote and then go work from home!


Sunday, November 2, 2008

A stolen meme.....

Swiped from......ack.....I can never get links to work.
so go here.... (it's Traci's friend)

1. I’ve come to realize that my last kiss was........last night from my Johnny boy

2. I am listening to… the Cowboys lose

3. I talk… way too much

4. I love… quiet time

5. My best friend is.....gone! :(

6. My love life… pretty darn good

7. I hate it when people assume… what they "think" I might say

8. Love is… wonderful

9. Marriage is… the best part of my life

10. Somewhere, someone is thinking… WTF with those Dallas Cowboys!

11. I’m always… tired

12. I have a secret crush on… food

13. My cell phone… so very cool

14. When I wake up in the morning… I wish I could sleep a little longer

15. When I go to bed at night… I'm happy

16. Right now I am thinking about… I'm stuffed from my turkey dinner

17. Babies are… little pieces of heaven

18. I get on Face Book…..I'm new!

19. Tonight I will… watch more football, tape Desperate Housewives

20. Tomorrow I will… go to work

and I tag Jacquelyn, Paula, Carol, Lillian, Traci, Connie and anyone else who reads this ole blog......


Stick a fork in us......

we're done for the season.
I mean really, you put in your third string quarterback and his first play, he throws an interception.
yeah, I think we're done!