Friday, November 7, 2008

Bowling anyone?

Jacquelyn and her boyfriend Bucky love bowling.
they bowl on 3 different leagues during the winter
and tonight Bucky bowled a 300 game........a perfect game, near impossible, a strike in every single frame.
Jacquelyn said even after they were done, he was still nervous and a little pale.
way to go Bucky!!



Loreluca said...

So NEAT!!!! I used to bowl long time ago (still have my ball and shoes), and I remember starting with a 65, HAHAHA! when we finished, I was the "most improved" bowler in the league, but that was not difficult considering where I started!
Go Bucky!!!! That is just SWEET!!!

Connie said...

That's FANTASTIC! I love to bowl...guess I get that from my dad. My hubby and I bowled in a league when we were newly married. Bowling on the Wii is fun too...Connie