Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day.....

I got up this morning 40 min early, got ready for work.......arrived @ the polls @ 6:20 am and could not find a parking spot. Could not even get into the parking lot to look for one......and no where along the road to park. Actually, it was getting into a pretty serious situation with cars all sticking out in the road.

So I left.

And arrived @ work at 6:40 am!
and it's spooky here in the office this early.

So I will leave around 2:00.....go vote and then go work from home!


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Connie said...

I hope our voters turn out like yours...I got to voting place and found a spot and was done in like 15 min. I was expecting a line and to wait for a while. Praying for America. Connie