Thursday, December 29, 2011

Early Christmas ...

We always have Christmas with my family early so that
Christmas day isn't so hectic for everyone

this year everyone had crazy schedules so we had to get together
early on the 17th....for breakfast!

we quit buying gifts for each other a long time ago and started
doing the crazy gift exchange!

My sister has a really big house with a full basement and since
there are 27 of us plus a few friends that come, it's the perfect place
for us to get together!

it's fun and lots of laughs

you know how people always stick their tonques out for pictures...
haha......well check out my mom...she's always in style
here's her and Johnny eating breakfast

here's Nicole and Maddox enjoying their breakfast

Maddox opening a present.....

Looks like Jake likes his gift......but will he get to keep it?? haha...

here's Mallory and Matt explaining to Memaw the correct

way to pronounce was funny but guess you had to
be there!

We really laugh a lot when we're all together
such fun!
It might have been early but it was still lots of fun!


Mallory said...

so fun! and omg, explaining that to Memaw was hysterical!! lol

Karen said...

You do all look like you had a great time. My family all got together on the 17th also! it was crazy - everyone going every which way this year. Next year will be normal...well maybe!
Have a wonderful and safe New Year Year!
:) Karen