Sunday, February 24, 2013

Grandson's nursery ...

My daughter and son-in-law have been working on
their son's nursery this past weekend
Of course the 2 grandma's have been helping too!
They have done it in yellow, gray and white.
And have the bed linens from the Taylor collection
at Pottery Barn for kids.

the curtains are those black out curtains to keep the room dark
they are also from Pottery Barn for kids and the polka dots
match the crib skirt at the bottom
The crib is a gift from Johnny and I

and no worries, that quilt and bumper pads won't be in
the crib when little Declan is sleeping

below is the glider for snuggling and rocking to sleep
I guess I should have cleaned it up before I took the pic! ha...
The glider is a gift from grandpa Buck and Nannie Gail

the little elephant lamp is sitting on a lace doily that
Declan's great-great grandmother made
and the table is from PB for kids and a gift from his great grandmother
and his great Aunt Kandi
The sweet book is from his Aunt Tonya

the changing table is from PB for kids and has the nice wicker
baskets to hold diapers, gowns and such
The wicker baskets and curtains are a gift from our dear family
friend Libby.
Jacquelyn has the basket liners but has not had them
monogramed yet.

Below is his closet and organizer, that's kind of hard to see
it has navy blue pull out baskets that holds shirts, outfits,
toys, shoes, etc....and wow, look at all of the clothes already!

Below is his piggy bank that sits on a glass shelf by the glider
a sweet gift from Kayla, family friend who hosted the baby shower

The framed print is a gift from his grandmother, Bucky's mom

His tool box below is a gift from his Poppy Tom

The blue elephant below is a gift from one of my dear friends Cheryl
her daughter hand sews these precious animals
along with some French baby lotions from his Aunt Tonya

Below is the name sign that his daddy made for looks
so great

The room is not finished....they still have to hang
the fan but it's looking so sweet
I'll have other pics up later
and now we wait....any day now!!


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Busy Soccer Mom said...

Cute, cute, cute! My little Nolan was infatuated with elephants as a baby.