Friday, February 1, 2013

People in my life ...

Maddox is our first grandchild
he is 7 years old
and he is a special needs child
He had so many health issues when born and overcame
so much. He went through so many test and medical procedures...poor guy, it  was like a way of life for him. 
 He has been diagnosed with pervasive developmental
delay, a small amount of celebral palsy and severe
speech apraxia.
And he has amazed all of us for the past 7 years.
he has overcome so much and always with the best attitude ever.
I can't believe this child sometimes......I can't believe that
with all he has to deal with, he is rarely without a smile.
He has been in our counties special education program since
he was 3 years old. And you have never met a child who loves school
more. His teachers say when he steps off of that bus every day
with that big Maddox smile, you can't help but instantly be in a good
mood. He's always the class favorite because all he ever wants to
do is help everyone. And get this, he hates school holidays...haha!
Just can't stand to miss school

And this child loves his mother like no other. I used to worry that
our daughter would not hear the words "I love you" from her son.
but when you see the way he looks at her, the way he lights up when she enters a room, the way he hugs her, those are the best "I love yous" that
I have ever seen!
I still, after 7 years, can sit and watch him play and my eyes
fill with tears......tears of joy. This child who can't even speak brings
so much joy and love to our entire family!
We are just so lucky to have him....

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