Monday, September 10, 2007

We will always remember.........

September 11, 2001
I'll always remember where I was.
I was sitting in my cube at work and one of my friends at work called to tell me to meet her in the lobby. I went down and everyone was gathered around the tv watching as the horrible events unfolded. We saw the second plane hit and I thought, as everyone did, how it was just so sureal. The company I work for employs people from all over our country and the world. So we witnessed many people panic stricken as they tried so hard to get in touch with friends and family who worked at the WTC and around New York. Then the plane hit the pentagon and a very dear friend of mine at work, his dad works there. He was at a meeting offsite and it was hours before anyone got in touch with him. His dad was ok but his family had to spend a good part of the day wondering until they heard from him.
I wanted to rush to school and get my kids but we thought we shouldn't. We thought it best they stay at school and not home glued to the TV.
And I remember how when I came home from work, I hugged them extra hard.
And one of them asked me..."Mom, are we safe?" brought tears to my eyes to think that my children, who live here in the USA, had to ask me that question.
Please remember everyone who lost their lives that horrible day and hold their families in your prayers. Give your children extra hard hugs tonight!


Cheryl Wray said...

I don't think I will ever forget where I was that day and how I felt. Sometimes it seems so far away, and at other times it seems just like yesterday. I will pray tomorrow for all those still affected by it.

And...on a totally different subject...I had to come on here and comment via your comment on my blog today. I also LOVE the Dallas Cowboys!! Have been a fan pretty much since birth! We looked GOOD last night!!!! Even TO was making plays and acting nice! :-)

Nina Diane said...

oh yes.....loves them Cowboys! I have been a fan since as a teenager I fell in love with Tom Landry! haha
I was so glad TO behaved and I hope he continues to do that. We need to work on our defense...we should never allow those many points to be scored on us! LOVE THEM BOYS!!