Thursday, June 7, 2007

Who cares?

here's the thing.......we have a dining room and we use that dining room at Thanksgiving and maybe once or twice during Christmas. And I really like decorating the dining room for Christmas...just a side note. Now I really, really love scrapbooking. I've been doing it for over a year and just love it and love shopping for scrapbooking stuff just as much! This means I have a lot of supplies and it continues to grow. I've also been interested in learning to quilt so I bought a book and have been teaching myself to quilt. The problem is....I have no where to do these wonderful things that make me so happy. So I was thinking of turning the dining room into my own little den......where I can do all of these things. I tell/ask Johnny and like always, he says whatever you want is fine with me! So I start planning my little "den/scrap room" until Jake (my 19 yr old son) ask me whatsup? When I tell him he was like oh no.....what will we do for Thanksgiving. I replied..."make reservations". Which I thought was a great idea. He did not like that idea, did not see any humor in it. Jacquelyn (my 20 yr old) reacted the same way! Nicole (my 24 yr old) thought it was a wonderful idea! So I started re-thinging my little room. Originally I was going to store the dining room table and chairs and bring my desk down. Now I have decided to keep the table down, use that as my work space and that way at Thanksgiving, we will have it. I'll just make Jake help me put all of my stuff away.....for that ONE day! I'm looking to buy a comfy chair and ottamon and Johnny is going to buy me a 27" flat screen tv.....for my little den. It's probably why he was ok with means he gets to buy electronics! I was going to post some pics of the room but it looks so bad I'll do the before and after pics later. We're heading out now to the "Tool" concert. Not quite my type of music but I'm the suite host for work tonight and I knew Johnny loved them so we're off. oh, and here's a sample of my work, at the top. I still haven't figured out how to get it at the bottom. And....who cares if you have a dining room. later.......

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