Friday, May 2, 2014

Jacquelyn's birthday ....

Our sweet daughter Jacquelyn had a birthday
on April 13th
We were able to pick her day of birth and purposely picked
the 13th so that she would have a few Friday the 13th
birthdays.....and she loves that!
She is so sweet and caring...a very thoughtful daughter, loving wife, caring sister and a most excellent mother! We are just so proud of her in her job and how she cares for her family. It's hard to explain how much it means to Johnny
and I how her and Bucky love to hang out with us. We love it!!!
We do so much together and it sure is fun!!
We had taco night at the house for her birthday.....she wanted to have
something everyone would typical of her to be always thinking
of everyone else!!
I used the same chalkboard from Declan's party to do one for her
I think I'll do one for everyone this year!!
We usually just give the kids cash for their birthdays but
Jacquelyn and I went shopping together and she picked out
some new yay, she actually had a gift to open this year!
I may have already posted this picture before but it's such a sweet picture
I just had to put it up for her birthday post!!

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Mallory said...

I love how you did the chalkboard idea for her too! Great idea.....might have to keep that in mind when Matt's birthday comes around :)