Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fitbit ....

I've been looking to purchase a Fitbit for awhile now
so when I saw that they were being offered to include the extra pack
of bands in different colors, perfect time to buy!
the 3 pack of bands is $30 so you got that free
Except that all they had left were the large size bands and I wear
a small. But the sales person suggested that I go ahead and get
the large while they were on special and then just check back
later and exchange for the small.
And I must say, I love it!!
It forces me to keep my eye on my steps so that keeps
me motivated. The pedometer was just a pain, not always tracking
very accurately and always falling off.
The Fitbit fits perfect on my wrist and I never take it off. You
can even shower with it on. I do remove every 5th day to charge it.
I don't do the calorie tracking. I was so happy when I started
clean eating and didn't have to track calories or fat or anything
like that so there was no way I was going back to that.
I do track my water and that keeps me on track to drink
the right amount.
And I really love the sleep tracker. It tells me how many hours
of solid sleep, how many restless times and how
may times I was awake. No real reason to really
need that but I just think it is very cool.
You can set your goals for steps and when you hit your
goal for the day, the Fitbit vibrates on your wrist. And that
makes me happy because then I know I've hit that goal for the day!


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