Sunday, May 29, 2016

New Living Room .....

We've been working on the living room for quite a few months now
When we built our house 25 years ago, the living room just became
a playroom for the kids.
then when they started school, I started sewing full time
with a friend of mine making custom flags and curtains
after we got burnt out on sewing, we bought a desk
and a couple of wing back chairs and it became 
an office.....and also a catch all for everything.

I've always wanted it to become a pretty living room so
we decided to go ahead and do that. Even though we are 
3 or 4 years away from moving to the beach we know that
when the time comes to sell, a nice living room will help
sell our home.

A dear family friend had asked me to sew curtains for her new home.
she wanted to know what I charged for that but for her, nothing! But I
did tell her I was doing the living room and would love her help in
designing the room. I told her my likes and the vision I had and she
put together some mood boards for me to look at. From there, I picked
the things I like and what I didn't like and we ended up with a
mood board that was perfect.
of course the hardest part for me is always the paint color but Kayla
narrowed it down to 2, we got samples and put them up on
the walls so that made it easy.

We just started buying pieces of furniture one at a time
from all over
rug from World Market
sofa from Overstock
chairs from Wayfair
console table from At Home

the paintings are from my sister Kandi
they had purchased a home in the city that is on the historical
register so they wanted to decorate more in the period of the home
so they were nice enough to give me 2 of their beautiful
beach prints.....which fit perfect with my decor

We used to have solid doors here but decided to buy new
french doors to let in more light

another great find from Kayla.....I LOVE this lamp

I have finished the curtains
I'll put up pictures tomorrow of the finished room


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