Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Random ...

My February chalk board ....

One of my favorite morning treats.....smoothies!
1 cup of coconut milk
1 cup crushed ice
2 cups of any fruit......this one was banana and strawberries
a drop or two of vanilla flavoring
and about a tablespoon of honey
run through the blender
I really love making the pineapple / mango smoothies
I use fresh fruit when available but I also buy the bags
of organic frozen fruit from Costco

Jake often stays with us on Sunday nights........he likes
watching the Walking Dead with us. Not only do we love having him around
but it's always nice when he helps me with cooking!! I think I have
mentioned before he's a really good cook

these 2 must always be together.....

Jake is one of Declan's favorite people
he smiles so big when he sees his Uncle Jake come in
and must go to him right away

Declan is all about making funny faces now ... which just cracks us up!

just look at this beautiful young family....ahhh, love them so much!!

He is so close to walking....he'll take 6 or 7 very steady steps
and then that's it, he's more interested in crawling right now


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