Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lunch time .....

Since I started eating clean, I stopped buying lunch at work so much
mostly because I don't know what things are cooked in. But also
because I think my food taste so much better. There are times that I don't
have food prepared in advance so I just usually get a big salad from the
salad bar and add eggs for my protein. We are starting to see our cafeteria
at work do more clean eating dishes.....soups and veggie salads. So it's
really nice to go in there and see things that I can eat.
So now I get up just 15 minutes earlier so that I can pack my lunch.
 I do a lot of cooking for lunch in the evening after I
get home from Jazzercise. I also will put things in the crock pot and cook
while we sleep. Like tonight, I put a pork tenderloin
in the crock pot before I went to Jazzercise. When I got home, I roasted some string beans. I'll shred the pork up before I go to bed
and then I'll have good stuff for lunch tomorrow!
As I've always said, eating clean does take some planning.
Below are my breakfast
and lunch for the past 3 days.....
I cook my bacon in the microwave, 2 slices, 1 minute 50 seconds
It turns out perfect! I eat only sugar free, nitrate free bacon.
Once you eat this bacon, you'll never eat another kind....I find
it at Trader Joe's. I buy 2 boiled eggs at work. I know I should just boil a bunch of eggs at home but it's only a dollar for 2 eggs!
And I have some  cut up kiwi and a banana.
Then lunch is bean soup that I made from dried beans. I rarely ever
eat grains but I had not had any bean soup in so long that I just had
a taste for it. Also to go with it, a small salad, my own dressing
and for dessert a Larabar.
afternoon snack was 3 tiny tangerines.

Tuesday's breakfast was, 2 slices of bacon, 2 boiled eggs,
cut up grapefruit and grapes.
lunch was shredded taco chicken, baggies of black olives and tomatoes
that I added to it after I heated the chicken, salad with my own dressing
and of course to satisfy my sweet tooth, a Larabar
the 3 tangerines are my afternoon snack
Today, my  breakfast was bacon, 2 boiled eggs, grapefruit and kiwi
Lunch was a hamburger with mustard, no bun and
roasted asparagus and of course, a Larabar.
tangerines for snack......haha, seems I eat the same thing a lot!! 

And I pack it all in my Lands End tote bag....which I love!!
My breakfast and lunch fill me up so much and taste so good
and the bonus.......I save money by not buying lunch at work!!

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