Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wedding ... honeymoon

So the last part of the wedding festivities is the honeymoon!

Jacquelyn and Bucky went to Turks and Caicos........ahhhhh!!

they had never traveled out of the country before so they were not
real sure on how to get transportation around the island as they did not
want to rent a car

So I called the resort on Sunday after the wedding to inquire.
They let me know what to tell them and then asked for the names so they could
just pull up the reservation.
I told them they were on their honeymoon, which the resort did not know!
the resort assured me that they would be taking extra special care with them!!
I did not tell Jacquelyn and Bucky this part

So they arrive at the resort and they were upgraded to a suite
and not just a regular suite but a 1500 sq ft suite! WOW

they had food, flowers and champagne and were treated very special all
week long.

And they had a blast!!
They thought I was picking them up from the airport but Johnny, Bucky's mom and stepdad Tom and Lynne, and their best friends Melissa and Joe came along
we made signs to welcome them back........haha
I know, kind of child like but we just thought it would be fun to welcome them back that way.

and here they are returning.....

so that's it....the weddings done, the honeymoon is done
and my wedding post are done!

and I hope you enjoyed them. My main reason for doing these was to
document for Jacquelyn and Bucky.
I'll  have all of these post printed into a little book for them so
they'll never forget.

and I do have one more wedding tip ..... always tell the hotel or resort
that you're on your honeymoon!!! These places love honeymooners so they
are always willing to take the extra step and do nice things.



Mallory said...

Love this post! But I am so sad this is your last wedding post! I have looked forward to these everyday!! (Maybe because I'm so obsessed with weddings, haha). I hope they took pictures on their honeymoon???

traci said...

she's so lucky to have you documenting all this. what a special time. when karlie get's married, i am going to revisit all of this.