Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wedding ... DJ

here's another item to spend good money on
get a good DJ
he will make or break your reception
I repeat.....he WILL make or break your reception!!

haven't you ever been to one of those receptions where you have an old guy...and I can say that because I'm old
anyway, he's old, or maybe even middle aged and he makes those corny jokes
you know the ones, they are kind of funny the first couple of times but then
you just really get tired of them!
and you give him a kick butt playlist but it's not really his style of music so
he plays what he wants.
this happens all of the time!

When Jacquelyn started seaching for a DJ for their wedding, she had to depend on reviews that other brides had written since it was out of town.
and the name that kept popping up with excellent reviews was DJ Bruce!
mostly the reviews said.....if anyone can get people on the dance floor, it's Bruce!

So that's who we went with
and our dance floor stayed packed the entire night.....all the way up to midnight!!
and really, he didn't do much talking...very little as a matter of fact.
but he played the right music and somehow it just worked
everyone was dancing.
My Johnny boy danced more than I have seen him dance in 32 years!!
so you know that's a good DJ
also, as many of my regular readers know, my mom and dad have had some major health issues over the past year. Well look below.....even my mom and dad were dancing the night away and having such a great time!

my wedding tip for this post ..... spend the money and get the best DJ you can!!


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