Monday, July 11, 2011

Wedding ... staying organzied

I can't stress enough how important it is to stay organized

as organized as I thought I was, there were a few times I felt
very discombobulated!!
Jacquelyn was depending on me to keep all of the contracts, websites, receipts, ideas, etc....everything together.
That way we could both put our hands on things.

we went down to the wire on finding the chair sashes and when we did find them just a couple of weeks before the wedding, I ordered them. But I failed to print out the receipt
then we couldn't remember who we ended up ordering from since we had
looked at what felt like 100 websites!!
Jacquelyn's best friend Melissa came through for us......she had written it down!

One thing we did that worked great was to buy these clear folders from Staples
I had a folder for every Hilton, gown, food, guest list, florist, photographer, beach rentals, dj, decorations and misc.
this way it was easy to pull it right out when needed

I also kept a notebook for us to keep appts and notes in.
as we thought of things, we could keep a running list

wedding tip for today .... STAY ORGANIZED!!
it will make the wedding planning so much easier.
and it's easy to stay organized when you have months to go but the final 4 weeks before the wedding, it's easy to stray. Those weeks will be better if you stay on top of it.


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