Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wedding ... photographer

Now you know this topic is near and dear to my heart
Photographs mean the world to me
but not just regular photos
I love photographs that "speak"
photographs that you can look at and know what that person is feeling
it's what I strive for in my own pictures
I catch it sometimes and sometimes I do not
it was important for me to have a photographer that could not just capture the moment
but capture the feelings of the day

I wanted an excellent photographer for Jacquelyn's wedding
She had 2 picked out
I adored both of their work
We contacted the first one and even though I think this is another piece that you spend good money on, I couldn't spend that kind of money!
so far off our!
he understood and made a recommendation for us
and the recommendation just happened to be our 2nd choice!
and he had shot his wedding!!

so we were feeling really good about this
our meeting with him went great
he would also have a 2nd shooter which is always comforting
and now we wait..
don't know how long it will take to get the pictures but I know
they will be good
and I'll be ready to share with all of you when I can

wedding tip ... you know it.....HIRE THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHER THAT YOU CAN AFFORD!! This is one of the things to spend the money on :)


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Connie said...

I bet you are just dying to see them! I would be! Can't wait to see them too...Jacquelyn was beautiful!

Great info on your wedding series.