Saturday, July 30, 2011

After the wedding ...

I have to admit that it is a bit of a let down after the wedding

you're just so busy planning, shopping, getting together, traveling to the beach that when it's over, it's a little sad

Jacquelyn and Bucky's reception was so much fun that Johnny said
he wishes he could throw that kind of party
every month!
of course he didn't want the price tag that comes with that...haha

the other sad part is our families from Georgia and Texas left
and we miss them so much

and since we had no other activities planned, it was great to think
about going down to the beach and just RELAX
no appts with vendors
just an appt with the surf and the sand!

we went down there for an extra long weekend with my
sister and her husband
we wanted to treat them to a fun weekend
as a thank you for everything they did for us for the wedding

we went wandering around a bit while down there
here's the road to no where
a 5 1/2 mile long bridge
just to see nothing! haha

then we went over to our favorite little "small town USA"
Manteo, NC
they were having a Farmers Market ... fun!

we hung out on a the beach a lot .... and drank beer ... a lot

there was a motorcycle / car accident in front of our condo
that's about as much excitement as you will ever see in the OBX

We also visited Jennettes Pier while there
We spent a lot of time there through out the years
and have some really great memories
But Hurrican Isabel took it out a few years back
it's now re-built and beautiful

mostly, we just enjoyed relaxing


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