Friday, July 1, 2011

Wedding ... food part II

One more post about food
we decided to surprise our guest with a late night snack!
So at 11:00, one hour before the reception was to end
we had BBQ sliders and ice cream brought out for our guest
And they were surprised!

how nice after dancing the night away to end up with a late night snack!

We had entertained the idea of a french frie bar, or taco bar
even thought about mini milkshakes
but in the end, we went with the chef's suggestion of
BBQ sliders with sides of coleslaw, cheese and sauce.
then they rolled in an ice cream cart with all different kinds of
ice cream on a stick!!

I don't have pictures of this but I'm sure I'll have some once we get them back from the photographer.

wedding tip ... include some kind of surprise for your guest.
and really, you just can't go wrong with food!!


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