Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wedding ... order of events

No matter who you work with on a it a coordinator, hotel, other venue, you have to put together a timeline of the events.

Jacquelyn and Bucky had their rehearsal on Friday before the wedding from 4:00 to 4:45
the rehearsal dinner was at 7:00 so this gave everyone
plenty of time to shower and get dressed for the dinner.

then the timeline for the day of the wedding went as follows....

9:00 breakfast in parents room for wedding party
11:00 hair and make up appts start at the spa
3:30 back to the hotel
4:00 photographer arrives for getting ready photos
5:30 ceremony
6:00 cocktail party
6:45 guest start entering the Pier House
7:00 announcements of bridal party and new Mr & Mrs!
7:05 First dance
7:10 parental dances
7:30 dinner served
8:30 Cake cutting and toast (Father of the bride, best man and maid of honor)
9:00 Bouquet and garter toss
9:30 dancing
11:00 late night snack served
12:00 reception ends

we only had 2 problems with our schedule
first, the minister was in a fender bender accident on the way to the ceremony
so we were delayed by 30 min

second, the light on the beach by 6:30 was so wonderful, the photographer
had a hard time passing it up so he kept the wedding party a little longer
taking pictures. Which was TOTALLY fine with me!!

we eventually got back on schedule so all was good.

Look at the picture above......this is on Friday before the wedding
that is the smoke moving up the beach road from the wildfire that is still
burning in NC
we were sooooo lucky that the winds shifted on Saturday and the smoke did
not hit the beach until we were all inside at the reception!!

here's Johnny walking Jacquelyn down the aisle during rehearsal

Bucky looks pretty excited at the rehearsal :)
and see that speck in the sky to the right, that's a piece of dust on the sensor in my camera.....grrrrr!
I need to take it to get cleaned but haven't really had the time!

wedding tip for this post ..... have a good schedule but one that will allow for flexibilty.
even though the minister was late, it worked out fine for us.
Most receptions are 4 hours long.....we had reserved the Pier House for an
extra hour. And as it turned out, that was a smart decision on our part!!


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Calming Scents said...

looks beautiful, and yes that smoke looks alittle scary to me.