Friday, July 8, 2011

Wedding ... response cards

Since pretty much everything you do in planning and purchasing for the wedding
is based on headcount, those precious response cards
are pretty dang important!

It is perfectly proper to call people who have not responded by the date
given on the card.
And we had to call quite a few.

Because you are at a standstill when you don't have your headcount.
you need it for food, chairs, favors and so much more!
We also made sure that our invites were out early enough that
we would have our headcount 8 wks prior to the wedding.
It almost worked..

One tip we were told was to number the back of the response card as sometimes
you will receive them back with no names!
so working from our master guest list, we numbered our cards in small pencil on the back to correspond with a name on the guest list.

this way, if one comes back with no name, all we had to do was look at the number on the back to see who it was.
But alas, all of ours came back with names!

and here's another thing....I've responded to many RSVP cards but I've never thought to write a note on one. Well Jacquelyn and Bucky recv'd a few with personal notes. And they loved them. And what a treasure to put with all of their wedding goodies. The next time I receive an invitation, I'll remember to write just a little "looking forward to it" note on the RSVP card.

I took all of her cards and tied them up with ribbon so she'll always have them!

wedding tip .... just as I said, number the back of your cards in pencil down in a lower corner and put the corresponding number by the person's name on your list where the invite is going. Hopefully, you'll not receive one without a name but you never know so just in case!


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Christine said...

I am following this as you know...I am taking lots of notes as I know my day will be here soon enough...thanks for all these amazing tips and your wedding was simply beautiful!!!!