Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wedding ... cake

Splurge on the cake!
everyone loves cake so go for it

and today's wedding cakes are just so different

Jacquelyn and Bucky did a cake tasting last year and wow, it was so hard to choose

they ended up doing 2 tiers of chocolate eclair and 2 tiers of key lime

and I had both!! haha....they were so good.
they had purple ribbon around the cake
and purple delphinum flowers. Well, I thought they were purple
delphinums but in the pictures they look blue!

(photo credit Aaron Williams)

I know it looks like the cake is leaning but it's not
the Pier House is old....and the floor leans a bit
so the table was actually leaning

And I'll just say....I was a bit shocked by how much wedding cakes cost
but here's your tip

it's soooooo worth the money
the cake was so good, everyone enjoyed it and the baker we
purchased from had already packaged their one year anniversary
top tier prior to the wedding.
packaged so that it will taste just as good as their wedding day!


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